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Mom makes her daughter Marvel dolls, because they don't exist elsewhere

There’s been a lot of talk about bringing more female Marvel character merch into stores. We see plenty of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, and Captain America, but where’s Black Widow, for example? (There’s been a hashtag campaign surrounding that very question, #WheresBlackWidow, as a call to Marvel to get our kickass heroine on merch.) Even Mark Ruffalo has been asking about the lack of representation, imploring Marvel to bring more Black Widow merchandise into their stores. There’s been the same problem with Gamora, the amazing green alien from Guardians of the Galaxy, who’s notably absent from the movie’s merch. What gives?

We’re sincerely hoping that steps are taken to rectify this, but one mom isn’t waiting for Marvel to get their act together. Instead, she’s making her daughter her very own superheroine dolls by transforming Barbie and Bratz dolls into her fave strong female Marvel characters. And it all started with a Black Widow doll.

When 32-year-old Rebecca Millar, who lives in Melbourne Australia, discovered how difficult it is to get Black Widow merchandise for her three-year-old daughter Abigail, she decided to take matters into her own hands. “I have a three year old who is just crazy for The Avengers,” Millar told HelloGiggles. “She has other action figures, but began asking me for a Black Widow doll.”

Millar looked around in shops, but she couldn’t find any Black Widow dolls for Abigail. “I had a look online, and only a few of those would ship here,” Millar said. “The cheapest was $80 before exchange rates and shipping, and I could neither afford nor justify that amount for a [three-year-old].”

But then, she had a brilliant idea. “I was in a shop buying her a Thor when I walked past a red haired Sparkle doll, and thought maybe I could turn her into Black Widow,” Millar explained. “I’m hopeless at sewing doll clothes, so I Googled if I could paint it, got the doll, and turned her into Black Widow.”

Abigail was thrilled about her new badass doll, and so Millar set to work making more and more dolls that she couldn’t find in stores. “She loved her Black Widow, and really likes the others too,” she told HG. “She seems to be most attached to that one, but also loves the Janeway and Dax dolls (from Star Trek), the Agent Scully doll (X-Files), and the Abby Sciuto (NCIS) ones too.”

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