These Marines REALLY Like ‘Frozen'

These Marines are enjoying some downtime and happily bouncing along while watching Frozen. Judging from the singing, this is not their first viewing. Watch as they get more and more into the big show stopper, “Let It Go,” from the movie we clearly can not let go of.

It’s been 5 months, people!

  • Stephany Huicochea

    I want one of these guys to be the father of my kids.

    • Nosipho Mthombeni

      I was totally thinking the same thing (be still my heart)!!

    • Brittany Bambrough

      Haha! Exactly, right? I was getting excited just watching them. I think I need to go change my underwear

  • Corbin Ray Harris

    Frozen is an absolutely amazing movie! Oorah!

  • Kimoshi Ai

    I can not stop laughing when they make a scandal because Elsa let her hair. hahahahahaha xD

  • Tori Rodriguez

    Best thing ever! If grown men – Marines for that matter – can be complete fanboys at a moment like this and sing along without shame, then I – a 20 year old girl who is a self proclaimed weirdo – shouldn’t recieve weird looks when I act out said weirdness. Fan on, my fellow Elsa fanatics, fan on.

  • Erika Hayes

    Five months isn’t that long. There was a time back before many of the younger people of today had to wait for a very long time for the next best Disney movie and we enjoyed watching them in theaters and it was a year before they were released– if even they were. I think perhaps this film has that special Disney magic the people need right now– there is a strength and power in the notion of “Letting Go” Perhaps we can continue to enjoy this fabulous film for FIVE more months.. and then beyond. It is the simple things that we are missing most often in our lives.. so hold on to LET IT GO

  • Brittany Bambrough

    Man, I love Marines. I’d swoon if I could date and marry one. Ain’t too macho to sing along to an amazing Disney movie – or too macho to watch one without an excuse of a kid nearby! I would’ve loved being present – would’ve been laughing and singing alongside some Marine beefcakes!

    I love our soldier boys. They’re my heroes, my idols and my favorite kind of people. I would count myself lucky if I married one and a Marine became the father of my much-dreamed-about babies.

    And so what if it’s been five months? They’re probably overseas, Blaire. Stuff doesn’t get to them like it does civilization. They can’t be too picky. And, besides, I, myself, only was able to watch Frozen a month ago. Had to wait until it was released to be rented because I didn’t have the money to go see it. Not everyone has extra cash to carelessly spend on a over-priced motion picture at a theatre. Especially the selfless and courageous defenders of our country.

    Let it rip, boys! I sang along to Let It Go several times, moved my booty on my favorite chair’s cushion and, well, I was alone. But that’s beside the point. The manly soldiers were brave enough to sing along in front of the guys and not be ashamed! Whoo-hoo! You go, studmuffins!

  • Holly Chinbat

    Aww, this was solo friggin’ awesome!!! Love a man with a soft/fun side <3

  • Holly Chinbat

    meant to write “soooo” ..autocorrect keeps fixing my grammar =]..anyways, love love love!!

  • Роберт Амайа

    como dice la critica frozen vuelve gay a lo hombres

  • Stephen Knight Sears

    That’s badass. If you haven’t watched this movie like a dozen times by now you’re not doing it right =D

  • Chantrisse Cross Kowalski

    Am I the only one who understood that those 5 months is the amount of time they’ve been away from home?

  • Ashleigh Maree Kohler

    Wow, it has been about 5 months since Frozen came out. It is such a great movie. No wonder everybody has watched it dozens of times.

  • Oso Takano

    One of the reasons I like “Frozen” and especially “Let it go” – is that this song, when you listen to the words – is very applicable to those of us who walk, or have walked in Harm’s Way.
    Elsa says the words every Veteran feels when they come home and look around. You have held the power of life and death in your hands – all the BS and drama that civilians find so necessary just feels like….useless BS and Drama.
    Once, I could all down fire and rain from the sky. Once upon a time, I was responsible for maintaining thirty-nine nuclear weapons. Once upon a time, I maintained planes that could carry 75,000 pounds of destruction to anyplace in the world.
    Today….I sit on my porch and drink a soda, maybe mow my lawn…and listen to people being aSShats., mostly about stuff I couldn’t give a care about.

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