The Manti Te'o Fiasco: Um… what?

So according to, these two dudes Manti Te’o and Ronaiah Tuiasosopo were friends. Te’o went off to college and played football and was pretty good at it. Tuiasosopo made up a fake girl-person for the Internet, Lennay Kekua, and got Te’o to date her. Kekua had leukemia, because yay tears. Then she got into a car accident, because not enough tears. And then she died of leukemia, which inspired Te’o to play better, and also not question any of this even though he had never actually met her in person.

We’ve all read the full Deadspin exposé by now, right? In case you said no, I’ll give you a few hours to read through the original article, because it is crazy thorough and harder to put down than Prisoner of Azkaban.

. . .

. . .

Are you done yet? Oh, sorry.

. . .

Okay, hi.

As an added bonus, Kekua’s user pics were stolen from some poor girl living in Torrance, who was pretty freaked out when she saw her Facebook photos attributed to a stranger who was very clearly not her, and also dead. That in itself would be proof enough that something is sketchy and that Kekuka was probably a fictional person, but what really clinches it, is that Kekua’s favorite color was supposed to be white.

Look, if you’re going for a publicity stunt, or anything passable for reality whatsoever, using a random person’s image who’s not part of your scheme is probably going to blow up in your face at some point. And if you’re going to make up a fictional person, don’t list white as their favorite color. No one’s favorite color is white. That’s not a thing, unless your name is White Power Bill or you are Yoko Ono’s house.

I don’t know, you guys. This whole thing is a hot buttered mess, in a massively entertaining way. Who has theories? I’m all ears.

Image via Fox43

  • Holly Kooi

    Oh man – I read the article when it broke but didn’t see that her favorite color was white! Icing on this sad, but oh so tasty cake. My theory is that Te’o and fam were unfortunately in on this from the beginning. There’s so much backpedaling going on that it doesn’t make any sense for him to have been the victim of the hoax, especially after having already lied. I guess the catch there is, what were the benefits for Tuiasosopo if Te’o was in on with him? If everything had gone on without a hitch, no one would’ve ever heard of this guy. Since he’s been caught, he’s got publicity and some. I don’t know, it’s all so cray.

  • Marti Davis Lee

    I think that people who know nothing about the situation or the people involved need to mind their own business. This young man had a horribly cruel hoax pulled on him and has paid for it with genuine grief and now public humiliation. Have some compassion! There was no benefit to Te’o in this situation, and the evidence against Touisopopo is overwhelming; I am just sorry that there is apparently no legal recourse against this kind of fraud.

  • Sly Hg Tly TyghTy

    Oh white? that’s disgusting! White is the complete lack of color! might as well just have said black… some people have no class and less taste. white (come on people. you make me sick!)

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    There is a difference between living your life and acting as if you are. You can play a part or be yourself.
    The question of low selfasteem is, to me, a matter of decition. I have have decided to belive in myself. Learning you limits by making misstakes is effective but sometimes dangerous. It is not wrong to listen to good advice.

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