Champagne Problems

#MAMA, The Movie, Is Terrifying. Sorta.

SPOILER ALERT. This isn’t to steer you away from the flick; it’s merely to discuss how insanely addicted I am to movies that give me nightmares.. Let me be clear: thriller movies are not my forte. Thriller movies are not my forte. I freak out. I talk. I make jokes. Why? Well, because I am literally creeped out to an uncomfortable degree of fear. Is it a bad thing? Nay. Not at all. In fact, I think it is totes healthy to scare yourself silly every now and then for $14 to keep that heart pumping.

However, I am not the best “viewing partner” for such events. Yet, I still go see them, like, every time they come out. Just recently (even though I warned my pal that I would claw, scream, and possible/most def cry) I was asked to go see the new Del Toro via¬†Andres Muschietti flick, Mama. About, basically, a pack of wild children found, brought into civilization by a doting family only to horrifically bring along a few unwanted, shall we call them, “Mamas.”

Now the Champagne Problem is that I can’t stand horror movies yet I keep going to see them. Why? Is it some wild obsession I was born with, or are people just programmed to see some of the craziest, most jacked up entertainment on the big screen with the idea that it is an imagination running wild? I don’t know. What I do know is, I threw my popcorn almost everywhere and, I now can’t go into a room alone if there is a Mom anywhere in the vicinity (or children or dads or ghosts, for that matter).

Do you have a horror movie obsession?

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  • Candida Norwood

    I do have a horror movie obsession. In fact, I am halfway through one of a dozen sitting on my DVR this very moment (Dark Floors is the current selection.) *Shameless self-plug* I have a blog that is only horror movie reviews–check it out!

  • Katherine Tatum Kastan

    I actually enjoy having me so scared I buy my tickets to sit behind the handicap section because there are bars to put my feet up on and when I jump, because I will I won’t kick the poor person in front of me. I loved this and any of the spooky films tied to Mr. Del Toro. I feel they’re all scary and by the end you find a beautiful or tragic reason and you are no longer scared. This I saw with “Mama” as well. Loved this movie. A perfect ghost story!

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