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Of course Malia Obama is cool, but we already knew that

Everyone has been freaking out as of late over the supposed newly-discovered “coolness” of Malia Obama.

Here’s the deal. A shot of Malia in a Pro Era t-shirt (for those of us who are not as cool as Malia, that’s a Brooklyn-based hip-hop collective) recently surfaced on Instagram and the entire internet was like “WAIT MALIA ISN’T JUST THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTER, SHE’S ALSO A SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD TRENDSETTER WHO KNOWS WHAT’S UP?”

Internet, come on, it’s like you haven’t even been paying attention, the Instagram shot is just the world finally picking up what Malia has been throwing down forever—girl is as cool as they come. Check out the evidence:

She Went To Lollapalooza At 16

And she stayed late for the finale. You guys, I’ve never been to Lollapalooza and I’ve never stayed late for ANYTHING. I bow down. She also reportedly loves herself some Lorde. So with ya, M.

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