Making Faces

Making Faces: Simple, Sleek Teal Eyeliner

under eyes: Make Up For Ever HD Concealer in 325

eyeliner: Make Up For Eve Aqua Eyes Pencil in 12L (teal)

eye brows: MAC Eye Brow Pencil in Fling

eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

I wear a lot of black, so occasionally I’ll balance it with really colorful eyeliner.  I highly recommend Make Up For Ever products if you’re looking for bright, rich pigments that will last all day.  Here I used one of their Aqua Eye Pencils, of which they have a multitude of colors.

I applied the eye pencil first to the top lid, bringing the line just to the corner of the eye.  Next I lined under the lower lash line, also to the corner.  Then I drew in the wings so the liner on the top and bottom lid connect into a point.  The bottom of the wing should flow into the liner under the lower lash line and the top of the wing should flow into the liner on the top lid.

Since teal eye liner is kind of a big swing, I left the cheeks and lips bare, but made sure to groom my brows, filling in where necessary.

  • Shanna Hamilton

    Are there any dos and donts when it comes to eye color? Teal is the only eyeliner I’ wear aside from black because it’s just so gorgeous. But, it’s a 50/50 shot how I feel about it. I have extremely pale blue eyes (half the time I swear if it weren’t for the grey outline they’d blend into the whites of my eyes) Sometimes I feel like the teal brings color to them, and then other times I feel like its all just washing me out. I usually try to wear a lot of fake eyelashes with it to sort of distinguish the difference from the eyeliner and my eyes. Am i just crazy? On anther note, I usually like to pair mine with a little bit of baby pink eyeshadow. Too much can be sickenly 80s but just the right amount is super girly for me which I love.

  • Brisa Amador

    I need a video!

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