Making Faces

Making Faces: How To Buy High Quality Makeup Without Going Broke

Makeup is expensive, like way too expensive.  I’m a makeup artist, so I have a lot of it, but that doesn’t mean that you need a lot of it.  Owning as much makeup as I own would be crazy, trust me. For some, dropping 50 bucks on Chanel bronzer is worth it, while others might think this is insane, both opinions are totally valid.  In general there are some products where quality and price are directly related and others where it’s not so important.  I don’t believe that the more money you spend the better you will look, so here are my tips on how you can get good makeup without going broke.

Know what to splurge on and what not to.

– If you’re on a budget don’t shell out a lot of cash for expensive mascara.  This is even a luxury for me.  I use Voluminous by L’Oreal in my kit and for years and years and years on myself.  It’s not just good mascara for drug store makeup, it’s flat out good mascara.  Plus it’s about $9.

– If you wear eyeliner, spend the money on MAC Fluidline Gel Liner in Blacktrack.  In my opinion it is the best eyeliner on the market.  You can get a very precise liquid-esque line with it, or you can get a smudgy look.  It stays on without moving or fading until you wash it off.  It even stays on the inner rims of the eyes.  It’s $15, which is not terribly expensive, but you will need a brush to apply it, which could take your purchase to between $30 and $35.  But trust me, this is what you splurge on if you wear black liner consistently.

– You probably don’t need 30 dollar concealer.  For a lower price point I recommend Neutrogena concealers and eye products.  They work really well and are not expensive.  Use the money you save to buy a higher end product that you really like!

Be crafty with your eye shadow purchases.

Eye shadow is probably the easiest product to spend a lot of money on.  Why’s that?  Because when you go into the store you have so many options that you end up thinking, “I need that color and that color and that color and that color and that color and…”  If you have a lot of money to spend on makeup, that’s great, go crazy, buy every color you like!!  But, if you don’t, figure out how to play the eye shadow game.

– Invest in a Quad palette from MAC!  This lets you put 4 colors of your own choosing into a small palette.  It costs $38, but for that price you get 4 colors AND eye shadow lasts a long time.  Try and pick colors that work together or alone.  For example, if you’re on a budget don’t get a palette with 4 crazy shades of blue and green. A good rule to follow for a 4 palette is: 2 light shades and 2 dark shades that can be worn with the light shades.  Here is an example of a good 4 palette that will get you a lot of different looks:  Shroom, Satin Taupe, Rice Paper, and Romp.  You can use Shroom and Satin Taupe together and you can use Rice Paper and Romp together.  Also, all four of the colors look good on their own.  If you’re more adventurous with color, sub in Cranberry for Satin Taupe or Sumptuous Olive for Romp.

– If you’re dying for some NARS shadow, invest in a Duo, don’t by a single.  A Duo is $32, which is expensive, but you get two shadows instead of one.  Again, pick wearable colors.  My favorite Duos are Bellissima and Kalahari.

And look, even in these examples there is a money-saving game to be played!  If you’re on a budget splurge on the MAC quad, not the NARS Duo, you get 2 extra eye shadows for only 6 more dollars.

Spend money on the products you use the most.

– Some people are really into eye makeup, some are really into lipstick, others are just interested in getting glowing skin.  So buy your makeup accordingly.  If you are a lipstick person, don’t buy a million eye shadows, just invest in high end lipstick.  I like NARS lipsticks best.

– If you almost never wear lipstick (like me), don’t buy multiple shades of expensive lipstick that you will never wear.  Instead find one go-to color (like a neutral and a red) or buy lipstick from the drugstore.  I’m a big fan of Neutrogena lip glosses.

– I HATE wearing makeup on my face, so for my personal product stash I save money by not buying foundations and bronzers.  I have only two blushes and one highlighter, which allows me to spend more money on the things I wear, eye shadows and liners.  If you love face products, it might be worth it to you to splurge on that expensive bronzer, but if you’re on a budget then skip the shadow or lipstick.  I don’t have any experience working with drug store foundations, so unfortunately I can’t make any great recommendations here.  However, foundation really isn’t good for your skin to wear daily anyway, try tinted moisturizers instead.

So, there are some of my tips for spending less money on makeup, while still getting quality where you want it.  I don’t want anyone living on ramen noodles just to support a crippling addiction to high-end makeup! Also, if you look back at old Daily Face posts on my personal blog you’ll notice that I use a lot of the same makeup over and over.  It’s important and helpful (and fun!) to know how to create multiple looks with a limited number of products.  You don’t need a lot to look good!