Making Faces

Making Faces Halloween Edition: Pop Art

What I Used:

Face: Ben Nye Creme Color in White

Dots: Ben Nye Creme Color in Red

Tears: Ben Nye Creme Color in Blue, Cosmic Blue and White

Eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

Eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

Eyes: Blue Colored Contacts

Lips: NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave

I will start by warning anyone that completing this look is a lot like cleaning your bedroom: it looks worse before it looks good.  Halfway through this I had an “Uh oh, what did I do?” moment, but once all the elements were completed, it totally came together and looks pretty cool.  So…

I began by covering the entire face with Ben Nye Creme Color in White using a sponge applicator.

Next, I applied Blacktrack liner in a dramatic cat eye.  You want to have clean lines and go heavy on the liner because you’re trying to recreate the comic strip-like outline characteristic of pop art.  The lashes are actually part of the eyeliner wing that have been drawn on.  From the eyeliner wing, you will want to make feathered strokes which, when the eye is open, will look like very dramatic lashes.

Next, apply a line with Blacktrack along the eye socket bone – this will intersect the lashes.  You want to see this line when the eyes are open, so make sure it is applied above the fold of the eyelid.

Next, I drew in the brows over my natural brows and exaggerated the edges.  Look at a Lichtenstein print – most of the women look pretty exasperated and the emotion is in the shape of the brows and eyes.

Then I drew a black line from one of the brows, all the way down one side of the nose, to the top of the lip. Make a black line around the side of the nostril and one or two small lines on the side of the nose opposite to the continuous line near the eye.  This lines are the contour lines Lichtenstein uses to show dimension in the face.

For the tear, outline the shape you want in black first, then fill it in by layering various shades of blue and small touches of white for dimension.

Outline the lips in black and then fill in with red.

I made all the face dots last.  I dipped Q-tips in Red Ben Nye Creme Color and then applied it to my skin with a pressing and twirling motion.  So, press to skin, slight twirl, lift from skin.  I applied the dots linearly across the face until my entire face was covered.  This part took the longest and is the most tedious, but try not to get sloppy with the dots, as this is the lynchpin of the entire look.  I highly recommend setting everything with loose setting powder so you don’t end up with red smears all over your face.

If you don’t have blue eyes naturally, get some blue colored contacts!  All pop art beauties have bright blue eyes.

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