Making Faces

Making Faces Halloween Edition: Blackbird

What I Used:

Face, eyes, feather details: Ben Nye Creme Color in Black. Ben Nye Creme Color in White, Ben Nye Creme Color in Gray, black feathers

Eyeliner: MAC Blacktrack

Eye lashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama, Make Up For Ever Feather False Lashes

Lips: NARS Lipstick in Heat Wave

Feeling avian this Halloween?  Here’s a glamorous interpretation of a blackbird.

First, using a sponge, I applied a very light grey makeup over my entire face using Ben Nye Creme Color in Black and White.

Next I did the detailing on my eyebrow, cheeks and eyes with a small flat brush and Ben Nye Creme Color in Black.

On the eyebrows, I applied the makeup in an upward feathering motion.  I did this loosely, not worrying about it looking too perfect.  The faster you make the strokes with the brush, the more authentically feathered it will look.

On my cheeks, I made a line in the hollow of my cheekbone and then made upward, feathering strokes originating from that line. (The same sort of strokes you’d use for the brow; the faster the better.)

For my eyes, I lined them – including the inner rims – with Blacktrack.

I made a line along my eye socket bone extending out past the eye into feathered lines.  This liner along the eye bone should be visible when the eyes are open.  (Think a ’60s mod eye, but feathered out all the ends.)

I added grey to the inner corners of the eye, blending onto the lid, and white strokes radiating from the under eye as well as by the cheekbone. Last, I lined around the entire eye with white and applied feather lashes upside down to just below to lower lash line.

The forehead detailing is loose feathers attached to the skin with eyelash glue (you can apply feathers any way you like) and feathering with black, white and grey makeup, again made with a small flat brush.

Last, I applied NARS Lipstick in Heatwave to my lips.

I made this feathered headpiece a few years ago.  Finally putting it to good use.