Making Faces

Making Faces: Colored Brows

Under eyes: Make Up For Ever HD Concealer in 325

Eyeliner: NARS liquid liner pencil

Eye shadow: MAC in Copperplate, NARS pencil in HollywoodLand

Eyebrows: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes in shade 21 (teal)

Eyelashes: Lancome Hypnose Drama

Cheeks: NARS in Penny Lane

I love colored in brows, but obviously it’s not the type of look you want to wear to work or walking around town.  This is definitely a look for a dark, nighttime party or some other event where weird is acceptable, like maybe a music festival.  I wanted to accentuate the color of the brows, so I left the rest of the makeup fairly minimal.

1. I started by lining the outer corners of my upper and lower lid with NARS liquid liner.  The top lid liner is winged slightly and the bottom lid liner is very soft, almost a shadow.

2. Next I applied Copperplate (a matte grey shadow) to the entire lid, concentrating the pigment slightly more in the inner corners of the eyes and diffusing lightly up to the inner corners of the brow.  I also add a touch of the shadow under my lower lash line, but only on the outer corners.

3. Then I applied the HollywoodLand pencil to the inner corners of my eyes.

4. Next, using a small angled brush, I applied the teal Aqua Cream to my brows in small short strokes.  I have pretty full eyebrows naturally, but if you are thinner brows you might want to make them a little fuller with the teal shadow.  This is supposed to be a statement, so if your brows are thin and teal it could look a little strange. (Not that it looks totally normal with fuller brows either, but that’s the point!)

5. Last, I applied mascara and light pink blush to the apples of my cheeks.

teal eyebrows

  • Charlotte Natasha Sugden

    I love this… tried it myself a few years ago… not brave enough to go out of the house though :)

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Interesting! I don’t think I could pull this off, though.. I can only go as fas as colored mascara and then again, nothing too much.
    Personally, I would really appreciate some eyeliner tips, I’m.. well, not exactly a whiz :)

  • Rena Fedorova

    This is a pretty cool idea for a concert or music festival. Although I don’t think I could pull it off. It looks really awesome on you though. (:

  • Savina Vagle

    I have had colored brows for 2 yrs. I change the color with my hair. Started with red, then purple, now pink. I love it. It’s just so fun.

  • Caitlin Sacks

    aghhh I love this. You could totally go out in public with that, since it’s a deep teal and not neon

  • Kelsey Taylor

    This makes me think of Amanda Palmer and her crazy eyebrow designs! Very unique. I bet it will start trending eventually.

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