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Make Up For Ever: Because I Forgot I Was Poor. Again.

Ever since I saw the unretouched make-up ad by Make Up For Ever, I’ve been really curious about what the HD Foundation could do for my life. See, they don’t even need Photoshop to sell their foundation — just a professional model, make-up artist, photographer, and lighting crew — so you know right off the bat that you’re investing in a high-quality product.

My face is a fickle, moody, and at times an emotionally abusive mistress and I’ve been through a lot of different foundations in my day (MAC Studio Fix, Maybelline Fit Me, Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle, Benefit Some Kind-A Gorgeous, and bareMinerals, to name… a lot), so I was pretty sure this was going to turn into another one of my I Spent $40 and I’m Still Really Ugly moments, but I was mistaken. Oh, right: it costs $40.

According to Make Up For Ever, their foundation is “An oil-free medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation that covers skin imperfections flawlessly while remaining invisible on-screen and in real life.” Yeah, we’ll see about that.

It’s definitely not oily, it’s not drying, it blends into your skin pretty easily, and it really evens out your skin tone. The finish is a healthy mix of matte/dewy medium coverage, so you don’t look cakey or slippery. My skin instantly looked healthy, smooth, and soft (none if its normal properties) when I put it on. I can definitely tell I’m wearing make-up though, so I wouldn’t take the “invisible” part of their description to heart. If you’re a mutant with perfect skin and you’re used to tinted moisturizer, this will probably feel and look a little unnatural for you. However, if you’re a foundation girl looking for a sign to switch to something new, this is your sign.

The best part is that it also instantly tans your entire body! Just kidding -- it's the lighting.


I’ve been wearing it for about six hours, it’s 103 degrees outside, and I still look fine (That’s “fine” like a rap video, not “fine” like your grandmother’s opinion of the tea selection). My T-zone tends to shine like a distant star after a few hours of make-up application, but this foundation seems to have my face on lock at the moment.


Testing its response to the wilderness. It wasn't amused.


One really great thing is that there are 25 different shades to choose from, so even if you’re a sometimes brown, sometimes pink, sometimes yellow, but still pale half-Asian sensation like me, you’ll be able to find something that works well with your skin tone. Another fun feature is that there’s a pump on the bottle, so you don’t have to pour your foundation out like it’s a sauce or dig your fingernails into a little cup of beige goop. Isn’t being a girl fun, by the way?

Overall, I don’t know how enthused I am about trading $40 for an ounce of liquid, but I’d probably do it again.

Featured image via Sephora’s blog.

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