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Magnificent Migas!

You know those little crushed up pieces of tortilla chips that always end up in the bottom of the bag?  They still taste good, despite the fact that they are no longer large enough to act as the willing escort of salsa from bowl/jar to mouth. But I always feel kind of awkward shoving a big old handful of them in my mouth so as not to miss out on the salty, crunchy goodness. If you share this conundrum (HELLO, first world problems!), I offer you this recipe, which will give you the perfect use for those delicious little suckers.

Migas is a Tex-Mex/Southwestern brunch standby. While not the prettiest dish, a plate of migas is  perfect to whip up on a lazy weekend morning. I love making this dish for friends who are staying the weekend or for a big family breakfast. Migas are filling, tasty and super fast from stovetop to table.

The good thing about migas as a breakfast dish is that it’s completely customizable. The other thing about this egg recipe is that people are VERY attached to their way of making migas. I’m sure some of y’all Texans reading this are like Hey! That’s not the way my Mexican grandma makes migas! It probably isn’t, and that’s cool. As long as you’ve got eggs and some variation on broken tortillas (some people use old tortillas and fry them before combining with the eggs), you’ve got migas. Try them with any leftover veggies you might have floating around your fridge. I’ve done them with chopped onions, fresh spinach, bell peppers, pinto beans…you name it and it can be miga-ed. And, note to vegans: this seems totally doable if you were to adapt it to be more along the lines of a tofu scramble.

Magnificent Migas

serves 2-3

total time: 7ish minutes

total hands-on time: 7ish minutes

What you’ll need:

1/2 a cup of cooked black beans (I used some that were leftover from black bean tacos)

1/2 a tomato, chopped and seeded

optional: a small amount og jalapeno or green chile pepper, diced

a handful or so of crushed tortilla chip pieces (varying sizes works well)

5 eggs

splash of milk

shredded cheese (Mexican blend or Pepperjack is delicious)

What you’ll do:

1. Generously apply cooking spray to a frying pan heated to medium-high. You can also use butter, margarine or a similar spread.

2. Put the chip pieces, beans, tomatoes and peppers (if you’re using them) in the pan and cook lightly for 3-5 minutes.

3. Meanwhile, crack the eggs into a bowl, add a tiny splash of milk (salt and pepper, too, if you want) and whisk until well-blended.

4. Add the eggs to the pan and turn heat down to medium-low. Cook until eggs are slightly set (45 seconds to a minute) then stir and add cheese. Cook until cheese is completely melted and eggs are done. Add some salsa or hot sauce and enjoy!

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