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“Lunch with Lea” is a weekly show all about fun, food and friendship! Join Lea and a special guest every Friday at 11amPST/2pmEST for a casual conversation over lunch. We’ll be live from a different restaurant in NYC each week, dining and dishing about the latest in entertainment and life!

This weeks special guest is party planner extraordinaire and author of Party Like A Rockstar, Jes Gordon (@JesGordon).

Lea Palmieri is a radio producer and lover of all things pop culture. There is a 92% chance she is laughing at this very moment. You can follow her on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook.


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  1. I’m only 10 minutes into this and Lea this is so you! You really shine in this format. I hope you’re planning to post this weekly because I can’t watch it live. I love it!

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  3. Cocks with P totally isn’t the same without you. I’ve actually started listening to the Martha Stewart channel instead…and I don’t like cooking or gardening.

  4. Lea! So excited to get more of you! I’m so happy you’re on Cosmo for Guys and I can’t wait to listen to you on Lunch with Lea. Patrick is soooooooooooooo lost without you. I can’t even stand to listen anymore.

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