Love Ya, Meme It: An Introduction

Memes are a confusing concept for old people. Which is fine, we get it. But we aren’t here to explain memes to old people. Google that s**t. What we are here to do is interpret the hawtest memes of today. #Whitegirlproblems? SO this summer. Feminist Ryan Gosling? YAWN. Michele Bachmann Eyes? This is me pretending to file my nails or check my watch or OH! I can feel my phone ringing in my pocket, let me take this.

Enter LOVE YA, MEME IT: A new web series by Parry Ernsberger and Tim Robinson (feat. Wine of All Kinds), where we will bring you our “adult” interpretations (adult as in closer to 30 than 20 – not like, porny) of the viralist of viral videos and web happenings. We would not be where we are today without cheap red wine, so we feel as if it’s a crucial part to our continued success.

Here’s a dress rehearsal for what’s to come. A “teaser,” if you will:

The Original:


Parry and Tim

P.S. Got a meme that you’d like to see two dummies dissect? Leave it in the comments below or tweet it to us (@parrypants, @robinsontimothy) with the hashtag #LoveYaMemeIt! We wanna know what you beeches are watching! But seriously, stop trying to make fetch happen.


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