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Love Songs For Everyone

Due to every CVS in Manhattan overwhelming me with red and pink candy at all the entrances, I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It’s such a nice time of year. Every February, I put red and pink decorations on my windows, I remember how bad conversation hearts taste so I don’t buy them, and I comment on how adorable the Valentine’s Day themed Starbucks cups are.

The only problem is that I don’t do or think any of those things.

I am embarrassed to admit that Valentine’s Day brings out the worst in me. I usually shoot dirty looks at any couple holding hands, I buy bad tasting candy and eat it anyway, and while I do think the Starbucks cups are adorable, I also give the cup a dirty look when I’ve finished my coffee.

I probably have a few personal issues to work out…

Anyway, in an effort to capitalize on the theme of having a valentine, I originally thought I would do a playlist featuring love songs. Then I realized that any reader who is heartbroken or single, might not appreciate twelve pop songs featuring rhymes about being head-over-heels in love and how great hand-holding is.

So, I decided to try to appeal to everyone (but specifically, I tried to appeal to myself because I don’t think I could have sat here making a playlist of love songs without also eating three bags of Reese’s Pieces and stalking my middle school crushes on Facebook). The playlist that follows is a playlist about love and how sometimes it’s really great, like in the first few songs, and sometimes it turns into something messy, as will be heard in the middle songs, and then sometimes it’s just mind numbing heartbreak, like in the last few songs. This cycle is concluded with you finally realizing that B**ches Ain’t Sh*t like in the last song.

Enjoy and have a happy Valentine’s Day, no matter what you’re relationship status is!


Love Songs For Everyone

First Day of My Life- Bright Eyes

Crazy For You- Adele

Can’t Help Falling in Love With You- Ingrid Michaelson

I Was Made For You- She & Him

Two Hearts Are Better Than One- Katie Herzig

Foundations- Kate Nash

I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time- Bon Iver

Last Kiss- Taylor Swift

I Fell In Love Once- Chase Coy

They’re In Love, Where Am I?- The Weepies

Gonna Get Over You- Sara Bareilles

Bitches Ain’t Shit- Ben Folds


What songs are great for being in love? Being heartbroken?

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