James Franco opened up about his romance troubles, and, we feel ya bro

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We all know that dating is super hard and stressful sometimes, and apparently, being a movie star doesn’t help that much.

At the LA premiere of his new film Why Him?, James Franco opened up to Entertainment Tonight about his love life, admitting that romance has been lacking in his life.

“I’ve been pretty bad in the romance department. I think I’m a caring guy, but the grand gestures I’m not great at. I need to put more work into it.”

Ummmmm we’ll be your guinea pigs, James! But no seriously, we totally get where he’s coming from. There can be a lot of outside pressure to be totally romantic when you’re in a relationship, and the truth of the matter is that doesn’t always come easily to all of us — even when we really, truly care.

In the interview, Franco mentioned his brother Dave’s engagement to Alison Brie, which could potentially create even more pressure (ya know, to “settle down”). Those two lovebirds are supposed to tie the knot in February, which is admittely pretty exciting!

Given the level of James Franco’s complete and utter awesomeness, we’re confident things will work out for him in the love department in the longrun.

And whoever that person is will be ridiculously lucky to have him. Grand romantic gestures or not, he’s a highly creative and talented dude. And in the meantime, we cannot wait to see him grace our screens in Why Him? 

Keep doing what you do, James!

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