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Love Means Never Having to Slouch

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We both have a good sense of humor about it, but it continues to amaze me that it surprises so many people. Brent’s mother randomly informed me in week four of our relationship that ‘Brent has always liked being shorter than his cousins. He has an easier time fitting into small cars.’ I guess she worried I hadn’t noticed yet and when I did I would turn tail and gallop away on my long stems. But now with her intel, I could rest assured in the knowledge that my boyfriend wouldn’t protest any future compact car purchases.

I know for the entirety of our marriage we will continue to be a curiosity to our fellow humans. I am fine with that. But as appealing as it once was for me to ponder gazing up into my future husbands eyes, now I think it would result in chronic neck pain. My hope is that all tall girls like me find someone, taller, shorter whatever that make them feel as wonderful as my hubby makes me feel. Well it’s my hope for the petite girls out there too.

Caitlin is currently living in Nowhere, Indiana with her hubby and four children of the four legged, furry type. She writes as a hobby and to relieve stress.

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  • Caitlin Prior

    Love the article! I’m 3 inches taller then my boyfriend and I’m always tired of girls giving up on guys before they know them because of a height difference, it shouldn’t matter.

  • Leyden Lozada

    Hi, I am very happy to read your article. My husband is shorter than me and it is so refreshing to see you sharing your experience with your husband. I am head over heels in love with mine and I would never change him for the tallest guy in the world. It is a shame that people stare at us at times when we are holding hands, but I will never let society dictate the person that I should be with just because of a measurement, and not their true essence. Thank you!

  • Colva Weissenstein

    I’m tall (6′) and am and often have dates shorter guys. It’s just not important, being super concerned about a height difference is so exluding and so vain. You like who you like, height doesn’t matter!
    Thank you for this lovely article!

  • Rebekka Utermohlen

    My aunt is a good 6ft and her husband (my uncle) is 5’7. Cousin is 5’11 her husband 5’8. Love does not see height! My family is filled with tall ladies, and really confident men.

  • Caitlin Carbonell

    I’m an inch taller than my boyfriend and it drives me crazy. I don’t like towering over him (even in short heels!) so I constantly wear flats when we have special events together; so his shoes make us the same height. Then again everyone before him was 6’2″ or taller (he’s 5’5″).

  • Emily Jenkins

    You only started dating 3 weeks ago and you are already married?

    • Emily Jenkins

      Oh pffft. Nevermind I read that wrong.

  • Paulina Angelica

    What a nice little article! His question made me smile with the introduction you wrote. I’ve always said that I like the guy to be taller than me, but the truth is I’m 5’1 so I don’t feel I have very high standards (no pun intended). My brothers are also like 5″4 and 5″5 and all their girlfriends have always been taller and don’t seem to mind.

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