Lola Versus

HelloGiggles’ Shiny Unicorn has already given out the list of this summer’s must see movies. Included in that list is Lola Versus. Among all the summer blockbusters, this indie movie really stuck out. Greta Gerwig stars in Lola Versus as a young woman dumped just three weeks from her wedding day. She decides to go on an adventure with her friends to get a new prospective on her life. This movie looks like something a group of girls should all go see together. Just the trailer will make you laugh and cry and then laugh again. Cannot wait to see the film!

Take a look at the adorable and hilarious cast:

Greta Gerwig

Zoe Lister Jones

Joel Kinnaman (we already have a crush on him…)

Hamish Linklater (fine…we have a crush on him, too!)

There are obviously more great cast members, but we can’t write down the entire cast and crew in a post just because they all seem awesome…

Also, to make us feel even more connected to this movie, co-writer and co-star Zoe Lister Jones (Whitney), seems to LOVE nail art like HelloGiggles LOVES nail art. Check out her Lola Versus nails!!

Be sure to see this movie in select theaters June 8th!

Sponsored by: Fox Searchlight

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