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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Texting is the life and death of all relationships. Whether it’s with a crush, your mother (who may not fully understand texting) or an awkward co-worker, texting interactions can go wrong at any time. I will be positive and say that sometimes texting can be helpful, almost pen pal like. But mostly, if you are sending a text past  10pm or under the influence of any alcohol, it has the possibility of going wrong. The texts below are texts you should not be sending out because you will ultimately regret it.  These texts are also some of the ones I have received… and I can honestly say that the sender should regret them.

1. Are you up?
I hate this text because it’s not direct. It’s someone who is asking if you around to hang out but doesn’t have the class to just come out with it. Also, if it’s past10pm, no, I’m not up.

2. Are you mad at me?
No one should ever have to ask if someone is mad at them. This is not a kindergarten classroom.

3. I miss you.
Even if you really miss the person, do not send this. Also, don’t send this to a family member late at night or they get really worried about your mental state.

4. Do you think I’m pretty?
If you have to ask, you should spend the money you would spend on looks and go to therapy, because of course you are pretty. If you need instant gratification, you can go on a dating website.

5. Did you ever love me?
This really just screams “DO NOT DO!”

Although texting can really send someone into a shame spiral, it really is what holds our society together. I rarely talk on the phone and sometimes writing a long email is really just too much for me.

Luckily, technology is on our side and it’s pretty easy to make a fool out of yourself without speaking aloud… I mean, easy to stay in touch!

The new LG DoublePlay should be called the LG Double Trouble – two screens on one phone, with constant connection to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and super easy access to group texting. That’s right, I said group texting, as in sending a message to multiple people at once, upping the chances that you’ll be issuing multiple apologies or avoiding multiple people the next day if you’re not careful. But what can I say, I like to live on the wild side.

What are some texts you have sent and regretted the next day? Share yours in the comment section below and win an LG DoublePlay of your own!

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  • Jessy Dolensky

    I think the text I regret the most was one sent to the wrong person: I was telling a friend how everything had endded with this guy and I sebt it to the guy…

  • Holly Kubicek

    I sent “Hey sexy” to my brother instead of my new boyfriend…

  • Alyssa Limoges

    Most recently, I meant to send “Last night was really fun, but I am sooo sore today” to a friend but sent it to a guy I had recently been on a date with instead. Between the potential sexual undertones of the message and the fact that I had not seen that guy, it was very awkward. We haven’t been on another date.

  • Coral Denisse Emmanuelli Costas

    I was out with a group of friends feeling lonely and very tipsy when I decide to booty call an old flame…sadly I sent the text to another party goer who did not leave me alone the rest of the night because he genuinely thought the text was meant for him :$

    • Tatti Ribeiro

      Hey girl – trying to contact you about a prize pack! Email please!


  • Marianna Tabares

    Hilarious! I think I want this phone! I’ve been on a long and arduous quest for a new phone to replace my MyTouch Slide which always experienced the same hardware glitch. I’ve settled on a Samsung Dart this week and it’s great so far, but anything that ups the chances that I will embarrass myself to important people is definitely on my list.

  • Tasmin Cadoux

    Ugh autocorrect – I texted my dad once saying ‘when are you gonna pick me up?’ and my phone changed it to ‘when are you gonna f**k me up?’. That was an awkward car ride home.

  • Kara Mackie

    What about sending the right text to the wrong person? Now THAT can be awkward.

  • Lydia Trappenberg

    well it’s pretty awkward if you write a text to someone who promised to call but did’t and you don’t get an answer which is more an answer such as “sorry no i don’t want to make out” and it sucks!

  • Sydney Jones

    I always over-think things that happen between me and the guys I’m interested in, and then, next thing I know, it’ll be late at night and I’ll be tired and prone to making bad decisions and I’ll end up sending the equivalent of an “Are you mad at me” or a “Do you think I’m pretty” or “Do you care about me” text. This happens waaay more often then it should.

  • Matthew Griffin

    First off, I am not Matthew, I am his daughter Julia.
    Okay, so I was texting my friend and she sent me a pic of her nails, whoc she had painted green. I replied, without thinking, “I was gonna paint my nails green but thought it would loo stupid.” I was soooo embarrassed and tried to recover with a “but it looks great on you!” but that still didn’t erase what I said…

  • Matthew Griffin

    ^which, look

  • Susan Ebert

    (My husband dearly needs a smartphone, and we already have t-mobile!) ok, that aside, i sent a text to my MIL the other day after we had an earthquake that had some pretty rough, crude language attached. I was scared after the big earthquake, and was supposed to be texting my friend instead. She was really cool about it but I felt terrible because I would never use such language in front of my MIL generally. Doh.

  • Ashley Zimmer

    I have gotten my responses to txt mixed up before so instead me me sending the following to my best friend Becky M ; ” OMG, Becky is so obnoxious, I am really starting to question our friendship.” I instead sent it to the Becky I was referring to…major oops and needless to say that friendship dissolved. Lesson here, double check who you’re sending the txt to before hitting send. lmao.

  • Ana Raquel Romão

    I once sent a message to my Sign Language teacher (who is def) saying “did you hear Mayer Hawthorne’s new song?”. The message was intended to a friend of mine who goes by the same name as my teacher. I was so embarrassed! He was super nice about the whole thing. (I have confess: I have a number of awkward “I talked without thinking” moments…including a very stupid “walk the walk” remark to a paraplegic… ) :/

  • Hannah VanMuyen

    Instead of texting my friend Emily about how my too-small underwear was making me very uncomfortable, I accidentally sent it to facebook, effectively telling my whole world about my underwear issues.

  • Natasha Wright

    I was dating a guy for a few weeks and some friends didn’t know about him, so on a night out, a friend told me to dance with some other guy. I then told her (in a drunken state) about the guy I’d been dating, then proceeded to think it was a good idea to text him to inform him about the previous event. It was something along the lines of “Siobhan told meI hve to dbnce wih somene, but I hae to say, I only wan to dance whth you.” That’s probably the worst thing I’ve woken up to in my text sent folder. We’d been dating for THREE weeks. We did however, somehow, have a year and a half long relationship afterwards. How he didn’t get scared and run a mile, I don’t know.

  • Fae Frederick

    Every drunk text I’ve ever sent has been a mistake. They mostly include either, “I still love you” “I miss you” or “OMG youg shoudl be hereeee” Ha.

  • Moon Hyekyoung

    i was texting this guy friend planning to come over my town for a vacation. And I said i would take u to everywhOre! instead of saying everywhEre…

  • Emily Stern

    I once was hanging out with this bro that me and my bff could not stand(due to the fact that said bro and my ex-boyfriend were bff’s) and I meant to sent this text to my bff: “___ is here. Please shoot me.” However, I sent it to said bro that I cannot stand. And he received it when we were hanging out. And it was maybe one of the most awkward situations I’ve gotten myself into socially.

    I win. Sorry you guys.

  • Natalie Weiner

    so… it was my birthday. i was intoxicated. and had spent the evening talking with a guy that i liked (but with whom i had not exchanged numbers). what did i do when i got home, you might ask? despite ostensibly being aware that it was 3 am, i pulled up the cast/crew phone list of the show we had both recently been in, and used that information to text the guy (thankfully the message was pretty coherent…). in the state i was in, i ended up asleep before i could even see if he responded… super smooth.

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