Ruby's Corner

Live Like a Gossip Girl For a Day

You know the show Gossip Girl? Recently, I went on a tour of all the Gossip Girl hotspots. It was sooo fun to see all the places the cast of the show shoots. Here are some of the places we got to see:

1. St James Church

According to the tour guide, St. James Church has been used twice in the show. Blaire and Prince Louie got married here and you see this church in the background of things. They also go into the Ralph Lauren store which is nearby, so you see the church lots.

2. Vera Wang

Although Vera Wang  is only in the series twice, this is where Lilly shops for her dress. This is also where Blaire got her wedding dress. You know what I’m talking about, right?

3. Sant Ambroeus
This is the restaurant where we see Serena and Charlie eating in the window. Of course, it is very very fancy.

4. A Russian Church

A Russian church? This Russian church is one of the courtyards they use for the private school scenes.


5. Museum of NYC

The Museum? The Gossip Girl folk are very cultured, you know. And also, they use the courtyard here for some of the school scenes.


6. The Met

Serena and Blaire sit and eat on the steps of the Metlots in the series. If I was a student at the Constance Billiard School, I’m sure I’d be eating here with my BFFL, too!

7. Central Park

Central park is where Blaire’s favored location is: The Duck Pond!! It makes her very happy especially when she is having problems with Blaire. Did you know Central Park is the most filmed location in the city? Okay, now you do.

8. Blaire’s Penthouse Apartment

Oh, by the way, the building Blaire lives in is a very expensive building. She is super rich. However, IRL, they do not actually film her apartment scenes in the apartment, because it would be way too much money for the production company that makes the show to spend. Sometimes I don’t understand the magic of TV-making.

9. Nate’s house

So the real story of how we get to see Nate’s house is that the people who own the house rent this awesome building out to the production company. It’s pretty cool how people do that, right? Also: Nate is super-dreamy.



You can imagine how excited I was when I was told we’d be coming to Dylan’s Candy Bar on this tour. So anyway this is where Vanessa and Dan went shopping. They are so sweet, those two.

I think you could take this tour even if you don’t watch Gossip Girl. The Upper East Side of Manhattan is very different from the rest of the city, and I can understand why the writer Cecily von Ziegesar turned this area into the stomping grounds of the boys and girls of Gossip Girl; it almost feels like Rich People Camp, which is perfect for these kids. Also, it’s fun to see how other people live, and where they shop and eat. So if you ever decide to take a trip to NYC or you live here, either one is good, come take this tour!