Little Kid Dances With Tampa Bay Cheerleaders

Everyone can thank the wonderful Rebecca Fernandez for this video! This kid breaks it DOWN!

  • Danielle Brand

    Awesome! That kid rules.

  • Candice Boykin

    I am in love with this :0)

  • Alexander See-Wai Lagumen Wong

    SO rad and he knows it! awesome-sauce :]

  • Lorraine Madera

    This boy is so cute and can he bust a move. I love it! The girls are going to love him because ladies like men who can dance :)

  • Lorraine Madera

    Oh yeah, and this lesbian didn’t even notice the cheerleaders backing him up.

  • Oriol Garcia Casas

    I love seeing a guy, speaking in a language other than the force

  • Jose Silva

    Good Coordination, Pretty Amazing !!! Well done kid !!22!

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