Little Girl Ghost On An Elevator Prank

This is much better than the LG one but let’s not make this a trend :) Thanks Rebecca for sending this my way!

  • Lívia Vasconcellos

    hahaha I can’t believe that I’m seeing Silvio Santos, and a brazilian prank on Hello Giggles….. so weird, and fun to witness

    • Lívia Vasconcellos

      SBT ahazanyy!

    • Elisa Oieno

      hahahaha exactly! This is like our national pride!

  • Emily Moreno

    Brazil \o/

  • Rebecca Fernandez

    Okay- finally got up the nerve to watch this, Blaire, and it was not as bad as I thought. :)

  • Megan Ann

    This is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile. I would definitely run away screaming like that last guy.

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