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Even though Rilo Kiley is officially gone as they announced their break up this week (like, “here’s to all the pretty words”), Showtime’s Weeds is back and better than ever!

To celebrate the cyclical nature of comings and goings (of great bands and the hilarious series), here is Jenny Lewis, the Hannah Nefler of all our hearts, singing her beautiful, borderline angelic, quite literal rendition of  the Weeds intro song,  “Little Boxes” featuring actual little boxes!   Symbolizing the occasionally suffocating, definitely restrictive nature of traditional gender notions, marriage, and the sometimes monotonously homogeneous nature of life in suburbia, this video is my favorite version of the widely-interpreted “Little Boxes” theme to date!  Enjoy!


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  1. THANK YOU FOR MENTIONING HANNAH NEFLER! Jenny will always be Hannah to me <3

  2. I think the best part of this is the fact that Death Cab for Cutie covered this song, too. Cyclical, ftw.

  3. Rilo Kiley breaking up is extremely tragic. But Jenny Lewis’ music and The Elected and whatnot are still amazing!

  4. RIP Rilo Kiley, sadly never got to see them live in Australia :(
    Love the J&J version of Little Boxes, Jenny Lewis forever xx

  5. Rilo Kiley stopped being awesome after 2004. I have spent my lamentations.

  6. Rilo Kiley fan too guys. Thanks so much for showing us this! Love Jenny’s sweet voice!

  7. I’m am incredibly sad this band has broken up. I’ve loved Rilo Kiley for years. I was fortunate enough to see them before at the Higher Ground in Vermont in 2005 with The Brunettes and Nada Surf; it’s a night I will never forget. RIP Rilo Kiley.

  8. she will always be my grade A wilderness girl.

  9. “Are we breakinggg uppp?” This is sad news indeed. However, Jenny really is the best part of Rilo Kiley, so as long as she continues to bless us with her amazingness then I think I’ll be okay.

    ps: I will admit Jenny & Johnny’s version of “Little Boxes” is quite fantastic, but I’m afraid nothing will beat Malvina Reynold’s version for me!

  10. so glad that someone on this site finally wrote about Jenny Lewis.

  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoo i didn’t know they were breaking up!! heart. broken.

  12. noooooo!!! I love Rilo Kiley! Oh well easy come, easy go.

  13. I have been dreading the official break up notice since Acid Tongue. Oh, ends of eras. At least the lovely lady is still belting the tunes. Blake Sennet also, though I’ve not listed to much of his solo stuff.

  14. I literally just went to See Jenny Lewis, Johnathan Rice and Bright Eyes last night. She’s really rather incredible.

  15. I think Zooey needs to cover this song as well. How amazing would that be?

  16. I love Jenny Lewis so much. I was a bit sad when I heard the news that RK was disbanding. However, I look forward to Jenny’s future endeavors.

  17. Oh I know-it’s more about Jenny Lewis than anything. Also, many, many, MANY people have covered this song-again-it’s just about Jenny Lewis for me :)

  18. Don’t forget to credit Johnathan Rice for this version to. Jenny’s voice doesn’t go quite so low.

  19. um hello hellogiggles readers, fanatics, and maybe editors. Yes I would like you to be aware that Regina Spektor covered it too…. That is all. :)

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