LISTS OF STUFF: The All-Time Best Sandwich and Chips Combinations

Sometimes I wish that making a sandwich counted as cooking because then I would probably be the best cook ever. See, I make a mean sandwich. In fact, I think my sandwiches are superior to most other sandwiches because of a little key ingredient I like to call potato chips. I think any sandwich is made infinitely better with the addition of some crunch, and obviously I’m not alone in this – Taco Bell’s Doritos Locos Taco Supreme, anyone? So I thought, why not compile a list of my favorite sandwich and chips combinations for the uninitiated?! I hope you like delicious flavor explosions, guys, because that’s what any single one of these tasty treats has in store. So cast away any of your plans to diet and get ready to dig into some seriously creative sandwich & chip combos.

1. Breakfast Burrito + Tortilla Chips

I know what you are thinking and yes, chips for breakfast are totally okay. Especially when you are eating a breakfast burrito. I realize some people might not include a burrito in a list of sandwiches but for the sake of this list, and because I love a good breakfast burrito and tortilla chip combo, I’m including this favorite. In fact, I’m putting this one right at the top of my list! Imagine eating a breakfast burrito – good, right? Now imagine that instead of putting salsa on your breakfast burrito you dip a chip in salsa and then insert that salsa-topped chip directly into said burrito… and BOOM, welcome to a delicious crunch taste explosion that is also kind of the best way to start off your day.

2. Salami on Rye + Dill Pickle Pringles

Dill Pickle Pringles are like the unicorn of potato chips. In my extensive grocery shopping experience they have been nearly impossible to find and often pop up when you least expect them, like at a routine gas station stop or a random convenient store in the middle of nowhere. But when you do find this rare treat, you are sitting on a sandwich ingredient goldmine. Not only are you getting the extra crunch of a chip, it’s a Pringle which is pretty much everyone’s favorite chip as it is. Even better, you are getting the salty goodness of the rare dill pickle flavor – you don’t even need to add a pickle to your sandwich because it is right there in the chip! Or you just go ahead and add that pickle and then it’s double the pickle goodness and extra crunch. How good does that sound? My final suggestion would be that anytime you are in a store and come across a canister of Pringles’ Dill Pickle chips you should go ahead and buy every one they have in stock. And send me at least two cans. Maybe three.

Oh and I didn’t even get to the salami part of the sandwich but just know that in addition to being my favorite lunch meat, it goes best with pickles, and thus naturally, pickle-flavored chips

3. Italian Sandwich + Cape Cod Salt & Vinegar Chips

The thing about this sandwich is that while it might be my favorite on the list, it’s regional-specific. In other words you are going to have to go all the way to the great state of Maine for this specific combo. See, when I say Italian Sandwich I’m not talking about some generic Italian-themed lunch special, I’m talking about a Maine-specific sandwich that goes a little something like this: white bread hoagie bun, ham, cheese, pickles, green peppers, onions, olives, tomatoes, salt & pepper, oil & vinegar. All you need to add is some kettle cooked Salt & Vinegar chips. I prefer the Cape Cod brand to really cap off the New England sandwich eating experience.

4. Turkey & Hummus Sandwich + Tortilla Chips

This one I discovered recently and it’s pretty simple – just make a nice basic Turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread (toasted is better) with some hummus, aka my favorite condiment, and before you finish the whole thing just throw on a few tortilla chips. They add the crunch and the salt without too much interfering flavor – it makes for a very nice combo with the hummus. This is my most commonly created sandwich & chip combo because it’s usually what I’ve got at my house – but I have to say that it really is infinitely satisfying and I highly recommend, whether you’re making this out as a midday snack or an evening meal — you really can’t go wrong when you mix up some tortilla and some turkey!

5. Cheeseburger + Ruffles

Normally I would say that French Fries are ideal for topping a cheeseburger, and while our British friends call fries “chips” I decided I would stay in the chip family for this one (because let’s be honest, it’s the chips that are the real star ingredients here, thanks to the crunch) which is why I’ve selected Ruffles as an ideal addition to a burger. Throwing Ruffles onto a cheeseburger is pretty bomb – again, you get that extra crunch, that surprising potato flavor and a nice savory taste without dousing your burger in salt. And for people like me, who don’t always love Ruffles (I like more flavor with my chips), this is when their potato goodness really shines.

6. Grilled Chicken + Cool Ranch Doritos

Please, like I’m going to leave Cool Ranch Doritos off this list! I’ve heard that some people like to put Cool Ranch Doritos on PB&Js, and while I applaud the adventurous spirit, I think a PB&J might be the one sandwich that is better without chips. Also, jelly on a Dorito seems like one of those flavor combos that is just too weird for me to even want to try, and this is coming from a a chips-in-a-sandwich aficionado, guys. So that brings me to grilled chicken. Chicken sandwiches often include ranch dressing, but why not get your Cool Ranch flavor from everyone’s favorite Cool Ranch chip? Then you get the crunch and the magical mix of spices. Top it off with some lettuce, tomato, maybe some cheese… man that sounds so good, I want to go make me one of these sammies right now!

Now I’m sure I’m missing some excellent sandwich and chips combinations but that’s only because I got distracted and had to go make a sandwich/eat a lot of chips. So if you’ve got some sort of delectable combo you’d like to share, trust me, I want to hear it! Sound off in the comments below.

Chips in a sandwich photo via 1000 Awesome Things