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Lisa Frank has a new clothing collection, and our '90s-loving hearts just burst

Instagram/Lisa Frank

Fave ’90s style and school supply icon Lisa Frank is back, and she’s here to take over your closet. As if it wasnโ€™t enough that we can deck out everything from our homes to our brunch parties to our tarot cards in rainbows thanks to the rad illustrator, itโ€™s time to make one more thing in your life perfectly colorful: your wardrobe! That’s right. A Lisa Frank clothing collection is here, and we want ALL THE THINGS.

The entire collection is sure to make even the biggest all-black-every-day devotee want to slip in a little color.

With 70 pieces to choose from in an awesome range of prices, the RageOn! collection takes the brightest of bright and makes it wearable.

Itโ€™s one collection worth investing in, especially since Lisa Frank clearly never goes out of style.

Or out of our hearts.

Long story short? Itโ€™s time to grab your squad and hit up well, everywhere in head-to-toe, blinding rainbow. Because the โ€˜90s may be long gone (donโ€™t remind us), but weโ€™ll never let go of our love for all things Lisa Frank.

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