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Lip Service

Between Amy and myself, I am definitely the make-up addict. I love the colours, the combinations and the way a perfect pout and doe eye transform me from mouse to Maven. It’s my favourite form of every day magick.

This week at The Manor we discuss make-up throughout history and one theme that stuck out during the ages is how make-up made a statement.

Initially make-up was used for protection or to mimic the wealthy or nobility. Later it was used to demonstrate rebellion, independence and the power of femininity. Especially red lipstick. Which is my favourite facial accessory.

Red lipstick represents a lot for me. Being a breast cancer survivor, the first thing I promised myself  after my mastectomy was to live life positively and to the fullest. I wanted to surround myself with colour, bravery and to never think that “Oh, I can do that later.” I wanted to seize the day and decorate myself with shiny, bright things because it made me feel connected  and appreciative of my body again. So after a few tattoos, lots of jewellery shopping, a brand new wardrobe and zest for life……red lipstick was the cherry on top. It has now become my trademark and a reminder that I am a survivor, vibrant and brave. Plus, I get lots of compliments. Which is lovely. Who doesn’t want to feel lovely?

So I want to share with you my fave red lipstick shades and how to apply the perfect red pout that will last as long as possible. As you will see, I am more partial to an orangey-red, since it reminds me of beautiful spring days in Paris… Oh la la!

Here are the Top Five….

Chanel Gabrielle and Enthusiast are the quintessential vintage red lipstick shades that are perfect for an evening out on the town.


Chanel Enthusiast

Enthusiast is a bit more on the orangey side of red, so it’s perfect if you are going for that  daytime Parisian stroll along the Seine look.


Chanel Gabrielle

Gabrielle is perfect for an evening with an LBD and a martini in hand due to it being in the more blue toned red spectrum. (It’s named after Coco herself so wearing it with black is an obvious choice.) Chanel lipsticks have such a smooth feel when you put it on, almost like a silk stocking for your lips! They truly make you feel like a lady.

Nars Heat Wave is an amazing orangey-fire engine red.

NARS Heatwave

It can be a bit drying on the lips so prime your lips with some lip balm and scrub away any flaky lip skin. Definitely a lipstick that you must initially apply with a lip brush. No exceptions! This lipstick makes me feel powerful, bold and like I could fire people.

MAC Lady Danger  has changed my life forever!!!

MAC Lady Danger


Normally I’m not a big fan of the MAC, but this vibrant orangey-red definitely makes you feel like you are a super hero or at least gives you a cute Vargas Girl vibe. It is perfect at any time and is my ultimate favourite and a must have for this spring and summer. I recommend pairing it with MAC Redd lipliner. If I were a witch, this lipstick would be my familiar.

Hedi by Charlotte Ronson  is the cutest pinky, red lipstick and is my go to red for a cute, gamine vibe.


Warning! This lip stick can bleed a bit because of it’s moisturizing and creamy application. So please use a lip liner!! Wear it with a cute floral dress and you will honestly be the cutest thing on two legs. If you have long hair definitely put it up in a top knot while wearing it. And for all my fellow pixies, keep that short hair cutely tousled in homage to Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday.

How I apply Red lipstick and keep it from smearing all over my teeth and fading quickly…

1. A lipstick need not be expensive but I have to admit that splurging a bit on a pricey lipstick guarantees some long wearing colour.

2. Apply some lipbalm after scrubbing away any excess dry, flaky lip skin. Blot your lip balm. (Using a lip scrub of your choice works well, but I like to use some lip balm and a tooth brush. Works like a charm and is cheap and cheerful.)

3. Apply concealer all over your lip and then pat with some pressed powder. This is very important as it acts like a sealant for your lipstick so that it stays on your lips and provides longevity. Don’t worry it doesn’t change the colour of your lipstick.

4. USE A RED LIPLINER!  No excuses. Outlining your lips is a must since it prevents bleeding and creates a perfect shape. My favourite one right now is Mac Redd. Not too expensive and is an amazing red that works with both orangey and blue toned reds. And please sharpen your lip pencil, I know it sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how much more effective it is to use a nicely sharpened lip pencil. Especially with red because precision and neatness is key.

5. Apply your red lipstick using a lip brush. Blot. Apply a second coat.

6. Using a concealer brush blend a small amount of concealer along the outside of your lips to further create a barrier for any pesky bleeding and to keep everything all in place. Blend until it looks natural and polished.

7. Take your pinky finger, put it inside your mouth and while sucking on it pull it out. (Sounds kinda smutty but it guarantees no excess lipstick gets on your teeth and your significant other will find it very provocative. Wink.)

8. Get out there!  Put on a black and white striped shirt ,a pair of black cigarette pants and some fierce heels. And take as many Instagram selfy shots you want. Orangey -Red lipstick especially pops with the Lo-fi filter! And with Hipstamatic use Ina’s 1969 Film with the Hornbecker Lens. Muwah!

Join us at The Heatley Cliff for further discussions on how it’s the little things in life that can make us happy. Like lipstick!

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