Limelight Barbie: Nicki Minaj Tells All, Part 2

Rapunzel? Strawberry Shortcake? No, that’s just Nicki Minaj, back with My Truth: Part 2. And thank goodness, because I still have unanswered questions from Part 1. How does Nicki Minaj find time to be Nicki Minaj? Are we sure she’s not the lovechild of Elton John and Cee-Lo? In this episode, we got another peek inside the recording studio, watched tour rehearsals and learned her side of the Mariah Carey feud. It was a drama-filled half hour, and this time, she brought some of her famous friends. In case you missed it, here’s a recap of Nicki Minaj: My Truth: Part 2.

The album! The tour! The fragrance that has its own wig! Nicki has so much going for her, yet so many haters. I know not everyone will be well-liked, especially with that caliber of fame, but after watching My Truth, you can tell she often feels misrepresented. Which is why I like her. Yes, Nicki wants to be liked. But more importantly, she wants to be taken seriously, and she already has herself in check. She gets called a rude, talentless drama queen, among other things. But are these name-callers really giving her a chance, or calling shots based on her music and her attitude and her hair? Don’t they know how much she adores her fans?

“I think that Mariah met her match. And I don’t think she was expecting to meet her match.”

This “fame hog” reputation only worsens thanks to her recent feud with American Idol co-host Mariah Carey. But, was it actually all that public? My Truth captured Nicki’s reactions behind the scenes. She didn’t overreact or attack anybody – she just defended herself. Actually, she tried to keep to herself and stay out of it. Two powerful celebrities called her “inadequate” (Mariah Carey) and “unpredictable” (Barbara Walters). The media provoked her, practically begged her to go nuts, and Mariah didn’t make it easy on her, either. As Idol continues, it appears things have calmed down. It also looks like Nicki has no problem standing her ground. Ladies: be careful who you cross, both of you.

“Lil Wayne is my heart and my soul. Love him, love him, love him, love him. I would eat him for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Though Nicki crossed one of music’s most successful singers, she’s befriended many more. Lil Wayne made a cameo in this episode to record a verse on Nicki’s song ‘Hell Yeah’. Though I don’t have a single useable quote from Wayne (seriously, I processed only about 20% of what he said), Nicki’s spirits lifted and her hunger and passion for recording reached a peak when she joined him in the studio. You can tell she wants to do her best for everyone: her fans, her label, her collaborators and herself.

“Real friends are here to stay.”

My favorite part was when Nicki’s best friend, Tyesha, came to visit on the set of her music video. Nicki was stressed, tired and emotional. What did she need most during a late night at work? A closed set, yes, but she just needed her best friend of twenty years – which I think we can all relate to. Even Nicki Minaj needs her best friend sometimes! She’s a human, you guys! My only complaint about Part 2 is that Nicki’s British accent didn’t come out until 27 minutes into the episode. I was more worried than anything, really.

“I feel like when I’m doing all this stuff, it’s hectic and it’s crazy. Some days I really wake up and think, there’s no way I’m gonna be able to get through all these things today.”

There are some people who will never give Nicki Minaj a chance. They think she’s too dramatic, too aggressive and too hyper. I say: if they watch My Truth, they’ll see that she’s a person. They’ll see she’s more than wigs and expressions, and when it’s over, they might even like her. They’ll cry, “Nicki’s just like me!” as they watch her microwave a cup of Beefaroni. If you don’t like Nicki Minaj and you read this far down in an article recapping a Nicki Minaj special on E!, there’s hope for you yet.

NEXT SUNDAY: the triumphs, the stress and the determination have all led up to this. Or, so the preview says, anyway. Watch the must-see conclusion of My Truth: Part 3 Sunday at 10:30PM ET on E!

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