You can sing karaoke while riding this Japanese Ferris wheel

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Most people probably don’t belt out their favorite tunes while riding carnival attractions. But on the Big-O (a popular Ferris wheel at the Japanese entertainment complex Tokyo Dome City), that’s exactly what happens.

In collaboration with the Tokyo-based karaoke company Joysound, karaoke machines have been added to 8 of the Big-O’s 40 gondolas, making it the world’s first karaoke-themed Ferris wheel.


Posted by 東京ドームシティ Tokyo Dome City on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

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During the 15-minute ride, passengers on these 8 particularly lively gondolas can take their pick of hit songs — like “Let It Go” and “Beauty and the Beast” — or choose from a list of 50 classic pop songs. The gondolas can accommodate up to four people at a time.

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Clearly, this is not a ride for people with either a fear of heights, or with stage fright.

The Big-O costs 820 yen (about $7.50 USD) per rider, though the karaoke gondolas are available at no additional cost. More information can be found on the Tokyo Dome City website.

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