It’s sleepy #caturday on Twitter, and these are the sleepiest kitties we could find for you

Happy Caturday! (Pssst… every Saturday is Caturday to cat lovers.) Today, however, is an extra-special *sleepy* edition of #Caturday, and so we here are some of the sleepiest kitties we could find on Twitter: According to Pet MD, cats sleep about fifteen hours a day, with their main hours of activity being between dusk and dawn. So most of their activity will happen while we cat owners are fast asleep. This is because cats have the physiology of a predator. In other words, they’re hardwired to give chase and hunt, and mainly at night. Hunting prey takes an awful lot of energy, which explains why cats are sleepy so much. It doesn’t, however, explain why they’re just so adorable while they do it. Happy Sleepy Caturday!