NYC Girls Project Aims to Raise Adolescent Self-Esteem

One of the best things to come out of New York in recent weeks is the city’s decision to launch the NYC Girls Project, an initiative aimed at increasing the self-esteem of girls between the ages of 7-12 and hopefully decreasing the instances of bullying, eating disorders and self-harm.

From The New York Times:

City officials and experts in adolescent health said it was the first campaign aimed at female body image that they knew of to be carried out by a major city. Ads began going up on buses and in subways on Monday.

The $330,000 campaign, called NYC Girls Project, will also offer physical fitness classes for girls through the parks department, a pilot program addressing self-esteem issues for girls at 75 after-school programs, and a Twitter campaign, #ImAGirl.

A 30-second video will be shown in taxis, on YouTube and on the campaign’s Web site, which will offer resources for parents and girls.

All of the girls appearing in the 21 ads are New York City residents and daughters and friends of city workers. None are professional models. While some of Mayor Bloomberg’s other initiatives use scare tactics and are rather tasteless (his anti-teen pregnancy campaign, anyone?), but the positive, upbeat tone of this one is a definite winner.

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