You'll want to make these flower letters for every season

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Fall is my favorite time of the year to be outside. Nothing beats that crisp fall air, crunching leaves sound and all the red, orange and yellow hues everywhere!

That’s why I love filling up my apartment with fall colors and chic decor to make the indoors match the best parts of the fall outdoors.

This week Abbe Drake, our craft go-to guide shows us how to make a very simple, yet elegant DIY craft in this brand new video.

It’s incredible how a little stencil, flowers and glue can make your home so festive and magical! It’s so pretty you might even be tempted to keep your festive letters up all year around.

Flower Letters


*Artificial flowers and leaves (about 1.5 bushes per letter or 12-20 individual flowers)
Masking tape
Spray paint
Box cutters or heavy duty scissors
Hot glue gun
Paper for making stencils (11″ x 17″ or 8.5″ x 11″ for smaller letters)

*We used 3 hydrangeas, 2 small flower bushes, and 2 fall leaves bunches


1. Print out or draw a stencil of the letters you wish to make. The stencils do not have to be perfect because the flowers will blur the edges and overall shapes. Craft stores may also have paper maché letters you can use.
2. Trace the stencil on cardboard and cut it out. Using a box cutter is the easiest, but heavy duty scissors will work as well.
3. Line the edges of the letters with masking tape to smooth the edges.
4. Spray paint gold or whatever color you like. Feel free to skip this step as the color will only show a little.
5. Trim the stems of the artificial flowers very short and hot glue onto the letters.

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