This fitness model empowers us all by showing how her body photos change based on an angle

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Like the Kardashians, fitness bloggers are skilled in taking the most flattering photos of their bodies on Instagram. Yet, fitness blogger and model Anna Victoria showed in an Instagram post how her body’s appearance changes depending on how she poses. This wasn’t the first time this body positive and inspiring woman has posted about body perception and, thankfully, it most likely won’t be the last.

From a look at her fitness website or Instagram account, you know Anna is super fit and healthy. But the side-by-side photo comparison of her body in different positions shows how much can change based on an angle. She shared one image of her standing and one of her sitting on Snapchat and Instagram — and how different her body looks is pretty astounding.

However, Anna’s point isn’t really to shock us. Instead, it’s to show how you shouldn’t be constantly critiquing your body.

In reference to the photo where she is sitting down, Anna notes her belly rolls, stretch marks, and cellulite, but as her post notes — that doesn’t mean she should be “mad” at her body.

She’s actually proud of her body for all of the amazing things it can do and provided this fabulous mantra for anyone embarking on a fitness journey:

“I will not punish my body

I will fuel it

I will challenge it

AND I will love it”

As I previously mentioned, Anna has shared photos of her body sitting down before to help people realize that they should not feel ashamed of stomach rolls or other parts of their bodies they see as imperfections or flaws.

There are two reasons I want to share this with you ladies: one reason is because I want you to know having skin fold over on your stomach when you sit or to have "rolls" is not anything to hate or be ashamed of. The other reason is because while I say this, there have been times where if I ever found myself in front of a mirror where I am sitting and I see my stomach, I automatically think "ew!" because this is what society has conditioned me to think. Your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be healthy, your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat for you to love yourself, and your stomach does not have to be perfectly flat to be confident and beautiful and an all around amazing person. As a society, we shouldn't let physical characteristics set the standard for whether we deserve to love ourselves or not. Everyone deserves to love themselves, however I know that's easier said than done. What's amazing to me and what I have witnessed with the fbg girls is most of the time they start learning to love themselves more on their journey not because of the physical changes, but because of the mental and emotional changes that come from dedicating yourself, pushing yourself, and seeing just how strong you really are. (what we call "non-physical progress" and is just as, if not more important than physical progress). That type of strength and beauty can only be seen and felt from within. 💪💗 #fbggirls #realstagram

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Just a lounging selfie 🤗 no makeup or hair done, not posing (and no sticking out either). I'm not sharing this because I think I look bad, or because tummy rolls are bad, or because cellulite, messy hair or no makeup is bad. None of those things are bad or imperfect. They are NORMAL. - I'm sharing this because I just received an email from a 16 year old girl that said I am the only person she follows that actually made her feel good about herself. That even though she's not particularly unhappy with her body, that seeing endless perfect photos started to make herself compare, poke and prod at her own body. The impact social media has on young girls and their self-esteem is an issue I feel very strongly about and if me posting one casual, non-posing, non-done up photo can help a young girl (or man, or anyone of any age!) feel better about themselves, then I'm happy to put myself out there. - Some will look at this and say "what's the big deal?" If it doesn't resonate with you, that's ok. I just ask that you think of those who it does help before firing off with negativity because you don't "get" it. So when we live in a society that profits from your insecurities, be a rebel and LOVE yourself. Love your body at every angle and don't ever be ashamed of being human, of struggling, or hey, even of loving the crap out of yourself!! 🤗 We need more girls who are wildly confident and loving every bit of themselves and shouting it from the rooftops. Show young girls it's not only okay but necessary to be confident, strong young women, "flaws" and all. #fbggirls #realstagram

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Anna is not the only fitness blogger who does this either since Sara Puhto uses her Instagram to highlight how much a position or even a few hours can change how her body looks.

If you’re feeling down about your body, let Anna’s post encourage you to not only live your healthiest life, but to embrace how your body looks not just 1% of the time, but 99% of the time.

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