"Dirty Dancing" Summer Cocktail: Watermelon Mint Fizz

Every time I see a watermelon all I can think of is that epic moment in Dirty Dancing when Baby and Johnny meet for the first time and her opening line is

“I carried a watermelon” it’s the most perfect and over the top awkward line ever.

It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. I really want to go for Halloween dressed in a frumpy skirt and cardigan and carry a watermelon all night, but the watermelon always seems too heavy, and I don’t think enough people would get the reference. Actually, I know they wouldn’t, but I think I would be laughing the whole night.

Anyways. Watermelons. And cachaca. Or Rum if you don’t have any cachaca. And a bit of sugar, and a bit of mint, and a bit of lime. And some soda if you’re so inclined. It’s super simple, and super wonderful, and a great way to get less awkward about watermelons.

¼ cup Chopped Watermelon

½ tsp Sugar

3 leaves of Mint, plus more to garnish.

1 tbsp Lime Juice

1 ½ oz Cachaca (or rum)

Soda water to top

In the bottom of a cup muddle the sugar and watermelon and mint.

Add in the cachaca and lime, and stir.

Add ice and top with soda.

Garnish with extra mint!

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