Life Happens

I had this idea for a website a couple years ago that would be called something like “havingABadDay.Com”, and it would basically be a blog filled with all the things on the internet that you watch and it makes you feel warm inside. Like the video of the dad who helped his paralyzed son finish a triathlon, or the woman who had been deaf her whole life, recording the moment she received an expensive ear implant and hears sound for the first time, or babies laughing or people being proposed to.

Sometimes when you’re feeling sorry for yourself, you’re mad at the world or you’re just being rude to a barista for no reason, you need something to check yourself and remember not everything is horrible. Some things are horrible, like traffic. But then you watch something, and you’re like, “Whoa, I’m a pretty big assh**e for thinking traffic was something to complain about” (although it is really, really annoying and people need to like, stay home occasionally.)

So, here is a music video of a song called ‘Life Happens’ By Brandon and Leah (who in real life are engaged and totally in love and their life is just so amazing. Whatevs).

Check it out and pass it along.

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