Let's Talk About Sex, Baby! Let's Talk About "The First Time"

You never forget your first time. Riding a bike, necking, where you were when you heard New Kids on The Block were reuniting, and of course, the most obvious milestone… “playing chess.” Regardless of the subject matter, the transition from novice to ever so slightly more experienced is almost always more awkward than awesome, but it never fails to be memorable.

In the spirit of notable firsts comes Jon Kasdan’s (In The Land Of Women) new film, The First Time, starring Britt Robertson and Dylan O’Brien. I talked to the stars about their experience making the movie.

DO: “It’s about two high school kids meeting, and their relationship over the course of a weekend. What drew me to the script was how smart it was for a teen movie.”

BR: “I think this is more of a traditional coming of age film in the sense that it’s very much boy meets girl and it’s really simple, but it deals with a lot of complicated, relevant topics.”

Both actors made a point to reference a conscious throwback when making the movie, to John Hughes and all of the heart-wrenching, poignant teen movies that defined a generation.

DO: “There’s so much that goes on inside of you, that as you get older kind of becomes routine and you learn about yourself, but when these things are first happening to you have to decide how to deal with them.”

Don’t bother scoffing at the notion that an epiphany of self-realization can occur in one weekend, either.

BR: “It’s so high school. You have these huge, gigantic, monumental things that happen over the course of three days that feel so big because it’s such a short period of time, but then Monday morning rolls around and it’s all the same again, it’s all just routine.”

If Dylan has any luck, audience members will walk away with a sense of nostalgia after seeing The First Time.

DO: “I really think that everybody in some way can watch this movie and remember back to when they were a teen. It doesn’t matter if anything in the movie is specific to what happened to you or not, just kind of bringing back all those feelings to what it was like to go through that for the first time.

Now, does anyone know if Jake Ryan needs a date to the movies?

The First Time is in selected theaters October 19th, AKA today!

Image via fanpop