I think when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, he imagined we’d use it to connect to one another, help each other and relay important information. He’d have no idea of knowing that one day people could use his prototype to avoid one another by pretending to be on it, or to talk on it loudly during movies or to send inappropriate pictures and messages to one another.

But I’d like to think he would feel honored, respected and proud of all the arbitrary uses for the telephone that we have come up with. So, let’s all disconnect from our phones to look at pictures of people on phones and imagine their conversations!


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  8. this photo brings tears to my eyes, it is so sweet & caertups’ R as a DADDY in the most amazing way !! R’s humor, patience, caring & deep love for his children is an inspiration his beautiful treatment of my daughter means everything to me I LOVE HIM (from his mother-in-law)

    Anonymous | 5/04/2012 10:05 am
  9. I am so lucky to have such wonderful nhogebirs! You are all such a loving family! I am looking forward to meeting the baby and holding him/her a whole lot. The photos are great! You should be models in a magazine. Thank you for sharing your love with us in pictures.See you across the hall.Bonnie

    Anonymous | 5/04/2012 08:05 am
  10. AHAHAHHAAH… the Zack Morris one tho. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIAN!~!!!!

  11. My only beef, the main one i’d have had her saying, “aren’t you the cats pajama’s” instead of cats meow, just b/c i think its funnier, and i can really imagine her saying that

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