Let's Let the Cops Chase Us Around

You guys, I really wanted to live this past weekend without any regrets, but I failed. I slept in my contacts too many times. I got sun burned. I didn’t request enough songs from this middle aged DJ at a card table with his Dell. But my biggest regret of all was not going to see the Gin Blossoms for $15 at the Blue Chip Casino in Michigan City, Indiana.

Yeah. I know – I’m a total zero. Don’t worry, I’ve already banned myself from looking at my face in the mirror because I’m just embarrassed. The Gin Blossoms were an emotionally charged 90’s Alternative Rock band. Not only that, but Wikipedia let me know that the Gin Blossoms are also a Jangle Pop and Power Pop band. I mean, of course they are.

With such hits as “Hey Jealousy” and “Found Out About You,” these are the songs of my youth – just driving around in my parents’ Volvo station wagon. I could have recreated mad memories this weekend. Who knows, maybe I could have lived to tell my kids that I met my husband at a Gin Blossoms concert. It would have been perfect. I could have sent a Gin Blossoms CD out as our “save the date” for the wedding.

I’ll bounce back from this. I will. In fact, I’ve already tracked down their next concert in Chicago (Sept. 15th). Yes, the Gin Blossoms are currently on tour. So check out their dates and see if they’re coming to a locale near you. No regrets.

Tears 4 Years,


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