Let's Blush

I’m not talking about the make-up.

(Although, pro-tip here from Making Faces, NARS makes the best blush ever. You will look glowy and beautiful after using it.)

I have this tendency to blush super easily. So easily in fact, that it’s really embarrassing. I will even blush even when I am not feeling embarrassed. What is that?! My awkwardness shows, and I don’t like it.

Also, what the hell is up with blushing? Thanks body, thank you so much, for betraying my feelings to the world. If it was at least, I don’t know, an internal feeling of embarrassment that would be okay. It would be so nice if instead of getting a red face, you could just feel a burning in the pit of your stomach. Uncomfortable, yes, but everyone wouldn’t know that you’re uncomfortable. Of course, we would get off way too easy if that was the case.

Some situations are awkward enough without the added bonus of the other person knowing that you’re embarrassed. Blushing is just life’s way of adding a little kick to humiliation. It’s like: wow, this is embarrassing, here’s some confirmation in tomato red…on your face!

Props to actors and actresses that are constantly being asked embarrassing questions. How do they cope? If that was me, I’d be beet red the entire time. Needless to say that it would be awkward for everyone involved. Then people would start commenting about my red skin and  there would be some horrible rumor about a medical condition. On the positive side, my face slowly (or not so slowly) going from a normal color to bright red would be turned into a GIF. I would be immortal on the internet forevermore.

However, I will say this about blushing: sometimes (rarely) it can be a good thing. Here’s a nice little situation to consider: a cute boy (or girl) says something nice to you, cue the blushing. You just got to skip a step because he/she already knows that it had an effect on you.

Still…it’s gonna be embarrassing (but hopefully, it will mostly be endearing). Just so you know, I may be grasping for straws here trying to find a positive side to blushing. It can’t all be bad, right?

If you’re a high-strung little Virgo like myself, I’m sure that you’re also familiar with a tendency to over-analyze. So, you may ask, does the embarrassment end after you’ve gone through some ordeal? No. You’ll be sitting there thinking about it over and over again, and then you’re going to blush…again. By yourself. Because just thinking about it is going to make your body react. Actually, that’s pretty amazing that we, as humans, are able to blush just by thinking about something embarrassing.

I’m going to develop a steely look that I will be able to conjure when I’m feeling the heat crawl up my face. It’s going to be my antidote to my little problem.

It’s just one of those horrible things about being human, I suppose.

So, how about you guys? Any blushers out there?

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