Let's All Watch ‘Dawson's Creek': Episode 13 – ‘Decisions' SEASON FINALE!

So Dawson has finally realised that Joey is a woman. I guess her androgynous name was throwing him off, but after seeing her in a dress at the Miss. TrappedFart Pageant, he can now state once and for all that she is a female. Previously the only women in his life were his Mom; Gail, and Jen Lindley.  So now there is a new one for him to contemplate romantically, since all women who meet Dawson inexplicably fall under his blow-dried charm.

Decisions, decisions.  Poor Dawson, how we feel sorry for you.

Dawson is in his room playing with his large green bug (not a euphemism) when Joey shows up. Dawson becomes flustered, “I didn’t realise we were going to hang out tonight”. I guess now he’s attracted to her he likes to prepare for their movie nights, i.e. not dress so much like Princess Diana on a night off.

Joey backtracks and says she actually just came over to say that she wasn’t going to come over. GOOD ONE JOEY. But then they both get distracted by a television show that has a cliff hanger and thus the first scene of the season finale wraps up in a nice meta way (this episode ends on a cliff hanger).  Meta points also go to the ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ poster in the background (series creator Kevin Williamson directed ‘IKWYDLS’).

Which reminds me, I recently did a podcast with my friend Charlie who does an amazing film blog called Ultraculture. We re-capped the first episode of Dawson’s Creek in a kind of director’s commentary way. You can hear/watch it over HERE.

One of the facts Charlie prepared was that Kevin Williamson would put his own movie posters up on the set so they’d be in shot several times over the series. Which is what happened here. Charlie and I thought it was unbelievably lame that Kevin did it HIMSELF, rather than some mischievous set dressers doing it secretly and then him getting all coy and embarrassed.  “You guys!!  Stop!” *Kevin giggles like a little girl*.

That’s the kind of gold you’ll get in the podcast. Plus you’ll get to hear my weird monotonous voice!

Anyway, back to the 90’s.

At school Jen is super happy because her Grandfather woke up that morning after months of being in a coma. She decides the best thing to do is celebrate with her ex-boyfriend! But then he reveals that he’s got plans with Joey that evening.

Joey wanders through the hall looking as though something is troubling her. Dawson squeals her name desperately, “Joey! Are you OK?” Joey turns around and says that she’s just been offered the chance to go to Paris for a semester. Then she makes this face:

“What is a Paris?”

And Dawson makes this face:

“Are my genitals in Paris?”

It’s Joey’s dad’s birthday, and it’s her turn to visit him in prison. Dawson kindly goes with her, draping himself in his baggiest khakis so he looks smart for the convict.

Show me a hetero woman who doesn’t love a man with saggy material encasing his calves and I will show you a liar.

They have lots of lovely picnic tables at the prison.

Unfortunately Dawson and Joey get there too late for visiting hours, and after travelling for ages on the bus they decide the best thing to do is stay at a motel and visit him the next day. Sounds like a recipe for awkward conversations and accidental arm touching!

Seriously, all Dawson does is watch TV while sitting on the edge of a bed. He’s like Rain Man.

Dawson gets very awkward about sleeping in the same bed as Joey, even though they do it all the time at his house. He lies down for a second, then jumps up suggesting he sleep on the floor. Joey tells him to stop being such a weirdo and he freaks out, “I don’t want to affect your decision about France, but I would really miss you if you left. I’ve been thinking about us a lot lately, and…I want to figure out where we are, what’s going on between us”.

This, for some reason, makes Joey mad. Dawson apologises, “I can analyze someone else until the cows come home, but as soon as I turn that adult perception on myself it’s, like, I completely lose connection between my heart and my head”.

I hate this guy.

Joey is just like, cut the crap, stop being so scared of everything. Then they go to sleep in their massive pink bed.

OMG Joey is just like me – I have to sleep on my side too! Sleeping Twins!!

The next day in the hospital Jen and Grams are having an argument about whether or not God had something to do with Gramps’ recovery. I’d like to have an argument with Jen about her creepy Mom jeans and short sleeved roll-neck.

Back at the prison they’ve re-used the same stock footage! Hello again picnic tables!

Joey makes Dawson sit with her while she sees her Dad, who turns out to be pretty handsome.

Her Dad is really nice, if a bit strange. He says, “If I’d known you were coming I would have ordered in some champagne, or at least some donuts”.  Umm, kinda don’t think they do food delivery service in prison…And then he tells Joey that she’s beautiful. Joey replies “nug ma nut”. Which I think is her saying, “No I’m not” without moving her mouth. She answers all of her Dad’s questions with answers:

Pop Potter: How’s school?

Joey: That’s what you want to talk about?

Pop Potter: I miss my family, do you guys miss me?

Joey:  Your family? Tell me, do you miss Mom?

Then she drops the bomb that she’s going to Paris and won’t be around anymore. Dawson looks devastated. Well he’s either devastated, or he’s trying to work out how he can ask her to look for his genitals in Paris without it being weird.

She leaves telling her Dad that his family is OVER. Dawson goes after her, but Pop Potter asks him to stay, and tell him about Joey.

Dawson makes a speech about how Joey is “funny and smart, a big ol’ scaredy cat, honest, she calls them just like she sees them. She’s stubborn, but she’s a really really good friend. Loyal to a fault. She believes in me, and I’m a dreamer so it’s really good to have someone like that in my life. If she goes away I don’t know what I’m going to do. She’s my best friend, she’s more than that…she’s everything”.


Sidenote: I would be wary of any guy who was a self-proclaimed “dreamer”. It means he thinks he’s really talented and creative but actually he’s kinda anal retentive and thinks his poetry/music about space and dogs is terribly accomplished. See also Ross from ‘Friends’.

Back at Capeside some nice flute music plays as Dawson and Joey walk down the pier, arguing about whether or not Joey should have left. Joey says she hates her Dad, Dawson says she needs to deal with her feelings of anger and resentment towards him. I think I need to deal with my feelings of anger and resentment towards Dawson’s hair.

Joey tries to run home in a strop, but she has to row across the Creek, so it takes a while and kind of ruins the moment. Especially when she has a problem with one of the oars. #boatproblems

Joey is working at the Icehouse when Pacey shows up. Yeah, Pacey, remember that guy? He begs Joey to make him some dinner because he can’t handle going home to his mean Dad and horrible family. He starts talking about his problems, but of course Joey hi-jacks the conversation with the tale of her far worse family situation. During their conversation Joey realizes that she needs to go back to the prison to tell her Dad that he hurt her. Pacey of course offers to steal his Dad’s car and drive her.

Obviously when they get to the prison they’re told that it’s not visiting hours, so Pacey does the manly thing and slips the guard $20, which gets Joey her meeting with her Dad.




I’m sorry but this is a penitentiary not an Olive Garden. Surely that wouldn’t work? Can you imagine how different ‘Shawshank Repemption’ would have been if Tim Robbins had just tipped the Warden? Probably wouldn’t have had to dig through that tunnel in the rain. Probably would have been able to leave in a taxi, waved off by Morgan Freeman with a big bunch of flowers.

Back in Dawson’s room a different girl is climbing through his window. Do you think they have a timetable? Could be awkward if they’re both on the ladder at the same time.

Jen is super upset because her Grandad has had another stroke and it looks like he’s not going to make it. In her vulnerable and emotional state she begs to sleep in Dawson’s bed with him, “Like Joey does”. I can’t believe Dawson’s parents condone this behaviour.

Jen sobs uncontrollably while Dawson looks surprised. Surprised or he’s just realised a new technique he can use to blow-dry his hair faster.

Joey and her Dad have a very emotional reunion through the fence of the prison. Joey tells her Dad that he messed up because he doesn’t know her. Bit arrogant. You’re not that amazing Potter.

Then she asks her Dad if he loves her, because she feels like no one loves her. Aww
 He replies that of course he does. AND THAT DAWSON DOES TOO. HE COULD TELL.

This is a little bit overwhelming for Joey.

I have to say, I’d find it a bit uncomfortable if I was 15 and was talking to my Dad about whether or not my male best friend was in love with me.

And my Dad’s a cool guy.

Joey races home full of purpose, and the desire to tell Dawson how she feels about him.

However, yet again the boat gets in the way of her urgency.

But that’s the least of her problems.

I think Jen might have actually lost it this time and killed Dawson. Look at her here, trying to work out how she can wear his face as a mask.

Oh no. He’s alive. Shame.

As Joey climbs up the ladder and into Dawson’s room…BAM Jen kisses Dawson. Joey looks so pissed. Dawson panics and calls after her, but to no avail, she’s off, haring down the pier, faster than a speeding bullet…then awkwardly climbing into her boat…untying the rope…hefting the oars into the water…

Dawson climbs out the window, leaving Jen lonely and confused in his room with his telescope (definitely not a euphemism).

Nice picture of Steven Spielberg, weirdo.

Jen goes home to find out that her Grandad is dead. Wow, her morning really sucks so far.

Dawson spends the whole day looking all over Capeside for Joey, while unbeknownst to him, she is rowing around and sitting in scenic spots to think about her emotional problems.

I have to say, anytime I’ve “gone somewhere to think” I’ve been there for about 20 minutes before I’ve got bored, or hungry, or cold, or realised I don’t really have any emotional problems. So kudos to Joey for managing to drag it out for an entire day.

Dawson arrives home that evening, hopeless and upset. But not so upset that he wouldn’t hang up his jacket in the wardrobe (remember what I said about being anal retentive?). And guess who is in the wardrobe?

Hiding in a boy’s wardrobe is one of those things where if the guy likes you it’s really sweet and adorable, but if he doesn’t it’s insane and super creepy.

Which one will it be this time?

Well Dawson doesn’t even ask why she’s in the wardrobe, so I guess it’s gonna work out.

Joey says she’s really tired of the way they relate to each other. JOIN THE CLUB DARLING. She tells Dawson that it’s time they grow up, and Dawson says he wants to grow up. He says he wants them both to grow up, together.


For some reason this works on Joey. They start talking really quietly to each other about how it’s important to be honest. The camera is really close on both of their faces, and I can hear the air whistling through Dawson’s nose when he breathes.

Then for some reason Joey turns to go, as if she could tell by his face that Dawson wasn’t going to kiss her, but then Dawson grabs her and:

That is a LOT of chin.

They keep kissing for ages making gross smacking lips noises, then we get an even grosser silhoutte of them against the window shot.

In order for there to be a silhoutte like that they would have had to be making out in front of a huge halogen lamp, which would not be fun. Trust me.  (Don’t trust me, I’ve never done it).

So there you go! Season finale. Thank you all so much for coming on this journey with me. I can’t wait till next time when there will be the weird attempts to hide the summer haircuts the cast have had, and no doubt Joey and Dawson will find 1000 reasons to break up before we even get to the second episode of the second season.

Stay 90’s!


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