Lessons I've Learned From Hayden – Lesson 2: Friends

As I got older, the number of close friends got smaller, while the number of acquaintances got exponentially larger. You meet more and more people through all kinds of different avenues, but the “girls/guys who have your back” stay the same. The best friends are always there. In lesson 1 from Hayden, I learned how to stay calm in the most stressful situations. Lesson 2 from Hayden : Your true friends are the ones you can be bite one minute and lean on the next. 

Okay, let me explain…I am not saying to literally bite your friends nor should your friends bite you (unless you’re into that). What I mean is the true friends are the ones you don’t have to be polite around. The ones who accept your all your colors, good and bad. Who don’t get offended if you snap at them when you’re in a terrible mood but instead try to cheer you up with wine, chocolate and a funny story. Hayden is freaking adorable when he has a new toy that he loves. One minute he’s ferociously throwing it around and shaking his head like a mad dog… then the next minute he’s sensually licking it and sleeping up against it. They are BFFs.

My friend Jasmin is my BFF for life. We met freshman year of college and have been sisters every since. We’re the kind of friends that don’t need to speak everyday but when we do we catch up in an instant. We can be brutally honest we each other and are always there to lean on one another. Sometimes we bite each other, most of the time we lick 😉

Do you have a Jasmin in your life? What makes your bond special? Sound off below and let’s show some love to our BFFs.

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