Lessons From ‘Leon'

I recently re-watched ‘Leon’, a fantastic film I hadn’t seen for years.  For those of you that don’t know it, here is a summary.  SPOILER ALERT:  A young girl (Natalie Portman) moves in with her next door neighbour after her entire family is killed.   Her next door neighbour happens to be a “cleaner,” which is gangster speak for a hitman.  You can imagine what happens next.  Or maybe you can’t, in which case watch the film.  Portman is brilliant as a young ingénue, but what is more brilliant is her killer pixie bob and array of outfits.  With that in mind I’ve picked the best ones from the movie to show you guys.  If I was 13, super skinny and had cheekbones that could cut glass, I would dress like this every day.

Ok so let’s start at the beginning.  Boots.

I’m going to pretend I was the stylist of the film to add context and personality: We’ve gone for a simple boot, nice wide strap and big silver buckle.  Then some chunky cream ribbed socks to finish.  Let’s get a closer look at those comic-strip tights:


High five! (Drooping cigarette optional)


And here is the top half, finished off perfectly with that iconic sharp bob.  Vidal Sassy.


This is a wonderful knitted stripe top with peach waistcoat over it.  It’s a look that says, “I’m cool, I’m confident, I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


I call this, “just woken up,” with the bob tousled, but the choker still on.  Love the pairing of the black top tied with ribbon and the crocheted jacket.  It’s just a great breakfast look.


Everyone needs a brown corduroy jacket and cute knitted beanie.  What do you mean you haven’t got any?  Go get some, and for God’s sake don’t tell anyone!


Beautiful pink lace dress with delicate rose detail on the neckline.  Best paired with black cycling shorts, white slouch socks and black Doc Martin boots.  And a pout.


Just a casual curtain material skirt.  Ain’t no big deal.  Move along, nothing to see here.


The ‘Madonna’.  A look suited best to meeting the in-laws/weddings and jury duty.  When you pop on this combo you’ll be met with looks of appreciation everywhere you go.  As a reference, this is the standard look of appreciation:


Yep.  Totally.


Or perhaps ‘Marilyn’ is more for you?  This is subtle and sophisticated.  Can we get a close up of that makeup?




I actually think this outfit is perfect.  The sunglasses, the shorts, the belt, and that incredible cropped multi-colour top.  And guess what…


IT HAS A HOOD!  Magic.


A woven bag.  The only bag to have.


I’m not suggesting any of you dress like this, I just wanted you to see it.


Look at her hanging off the banister in her lime green shorts and over-sized bomber jacket.  Know why she’s hanging?  Because she knows she looks gooooooood.


Seriously.  I’m in love.