Lessons From Khlomar

1) Love can take you by surprise and when you find it, bottle it IMMEDIATELY. My husband and I don’t have our own fragrance yet, but its pretty clear that we should.

2) While it goes against my natural understanding, some men DO actually love it when you speak in a baby voice.

3) Keeping your brothers around CAN be a good thing. Not only do they wrestle with your man, but they also keep you informed if they ever hear your husband saying anything negative about you on the radio. (Obviously this doesn’t apply to all of us..)

4) Just because you don’t like your husband’s friend, you really shouldn’t change the locks on his crash pad. Its important to remember that there are boundaries and that its good for your man to have someone to watch sports, drink beers and have fart contests with. Plus it really frees up your time for more important things like manicures and shopping.

5) Employing your best friend is NOT a good idea. While it’s great to have someone pick up your dry cleaning while she’s boning your brother, the line can get very blurred sometimes and its best to keep friends as friends and employees your slaves.

6) Be each others support system. I’m pretty sure that Khloe has seen enough basketball games for a lifetime, but its important to Lam Lam that she is there rooting him on. Put your partner’s needs first!

7) When doing photo shoots, don’t take your insecurity out on your partner. Just because you feel less than fabulous in your Herve Leger is NO reason to snap at your partner.

8) Don’t sweat the small stuff. When Khloe & Lamar were figuring out the packaging for their fragrance and they couldn’t agree on the top for their perfume bottle, they could have called the whole marriage off. But they didn’t, guys, because they are in it to win it!

9) You have to learn to let your partner be who they are. Its like, no one wants to see their man each chocolate in the bed like Lamar does, but if you took that away from him…what would be left? Just a basketball.

10) Embrace each others family. While the Kardashian clan seems much more glamorous and together than Joe Odom, we all have our baggage and part of being in a relationship is realizing that the largest piece of that baggage is usually family. Realize that family is important and if you plan on getting together for any sort of celebration, make sure that People Magazine will be on hand to photograph.

Featured Image via KhloeKardashian.celebuzz.com

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