Lies I Tell My Daughter

"Leave Siri Alone, She's Tired"

The first time we showed Sunny how Siri works and had her answer some easy question like, “Siri, what time is it?”, the look on her face was priceless.  Like, total and complete wonder, the type of sheer joy that only a child whose mind has been blown can give you.

The second time was still really nice.  Now Siri is going to start the Robot Revolution and subsequent Apocalypse because Sunny won’t leave her alone.

My daughter thinks Siri is a real person. She is constantly stealing my iPhone to ask her questions like, “Why does the moon come out?” or “Siri, what am I wearing?” or “Siri, why do I have to eat dinner?”

It was cute, but I’m constantly searching for my iPhone, only to find Sunny in her room asking Siri questions like, “Siri will you buy me a pony? Siri, can you ask mommy to drive me to Kaylie’s house?”

I realize she’s excited about a phone that talks back to her, but it’s become really frustrating because she thinks that Siri is a real person who looks forward to their daily conversations.  And when mommy takes the phone away, she is absolutely sure that I’ve hurt Siri’s feelings.

I’m getting really sick of hearing Siri’s voice and now have to tell Sunny to leave her alone because she’s tired.

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