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My name is Leticia and I have an unusual name. Growing up, my name was a burden because I was constantly having to correct the pronunciation (“it’s leh-tea-sea-ah”) and give my nickname (please call me Lety, leh-tea).

But after 24 years, I have come to embrace my name and, dare I even say it, love my name. So if you’re like me and have a not so normal name, I have come up with a top 10 list of reasons to embrace your name! That’s if you’ve already done so.

1) Great conversation starter – after you’ve introduced yourself, someone will ask what your name means. It’s a great ice breaker and keeps conversation flowing.

2) Easy nickname!

3) Not having the first letter of your last name attached to your first name, i.e. being referred to as “Lety F.” Not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just not my style.

4) Getting super excited when you hear your name in a movie, tv show, song. I don’t know about you, but that would make my day.

5) You can automatically form a bond with a stranger with the same name.

6) You have the freedom to spell it anyway you want, and it wouldn’t be wrong. Adding an extra “t” or using “i” instead of “y” is your choice and people wouldn’t question it.

7) Yes, that person calling your name on the street IS referring to you. Awkward moment averted!

8) Getting to learn the origin of your name and fun facts. For example, I share a name with a previous First Lady and a Colombian city. How cool is that?

9) It’s memorable. Sure, people may get it wrong, but they will remember it. Incorrect spelling and all.

Lastly, and probably the most important reason

10) That username is always available. Yay! I don’t have to make up 10 variations of my twitter handle followed by a number.

So there you have it fellow unusual namers, 10 reasons you should love your name. I hope this inspires you (and common namers as well) to learn to love your names and rock them!

If not, well…you can always legally change it.

You can read more from Leticia Flores on her blog.

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  • Kendra Lewis

    My older sister’s name is Anastasia, and I wish that she would take your advice. She has been “Stacy” since a very young age and while the nickname is all fine and good, what makes me a bit sad is that she’s always been very plainly ashamed of her real name. I think she finds it too glamorous, too unusual for her style, and loathes the attention it brings her when people find out, though it is almost always positive attention! Most seem rather enchanted by it, myself included… But she won’t budge on the issue. I am surprised she hasn’t had it changed. I wish that she could embrace such a special and relatively unique name!

  • Lety Flores

    I just want to thank everyone for reading my article and taking the time to comment. I’m so glad that so many of you can relate. I loved reading all your stories and even meeting a few more Leticias out there!

  • Selina Izabella Wilken

    My name is Selina and I used to like it but then Selena Gomez came along and now everyone is like “haahaa Justin Bieber lolz”. Also, the older I get the less I think the name suits me. Selina is such a children’s name. It’s hard to take myself seriously when I say “Hi I’m Selina.” I could go with my middle name, but Twiligt ruined the name Bella for me forever. :/

  • Miranda Cumming

    I used to hate my name but now I quite like it because it isn’t so common!

  • Delfina Gaxiola

    People often ask what my nickname is and then look a little disappointed that I don’t have one! I then promise them that they’ll get used to pronouncing it soon.

  • Elspeth LaForet

    Great article, although I never hated my name. Its just become part of my life to explain how to pronounce it, its origin, and “yes, it is an interesting name.” It made me a stronger person (also I don’t have a nickname and the rest of my name is French).

    But I do gauge people on how well they remember it and how much of an effort they take to learn it. If its someone whom I don’t plan on seeing again, I don’t make much effort to correct them in their pronunciation.

    PS- Having never met another Elspeth, I set out on a mission to follow a number of Elspeths on Pinterest just to see if I was similar to any of them. We seem to have great taste…

  • Siera Marie Ford

    I share my name with porn stars and dogs

  • Irati Toscano

    Actually, Leticia in Spain is a really common name, you were just borned in the wrong country! :)
    My name is even more special, even in Spain, Irati is a very uncommon name. Still, I’m proud of it! :)

  • Berenice del Carpio

    My name is Berenice and where I live is NOT common. I’ve been dealing with all of the above for the past 20 years, and NOW is the main reason I love my name, you know, I’m not just another common one ;)

  • Marina Richie

    My name is Marina, and I almost got into a fight with a lady at a sandwich shop be’cos she accused me of stealing her sandwich! And when I showed her the bag with my name on it she said “That’s me!” and the sandwich guy called her order too. ANd we giggled and har harred and we’re best friends now. Be’cos that is what sharing an unusual name does to people.

    • Kendra Lewis

      I am partial to your name! I grew up taking acting classes at a local theatre company and the artistic director/my teacher was a Marina! I adored her and still do, and therefore have such a fondness for that name.

  • Tish Chambers

    When I saw “Leticia” in the beginning of the article I went :O because my full name is Letitia. (Le-tish-a) and I suffer from the same kind of mispronunciation (Le-titty-a, Le-teesh-a) and misspelling as you do! Actually, when I was young, and still going by Letitia sometimes, people would usually spell it “Leticia” if they only knew the pronunciation. (I guess I win more unique name if people think mine is spelled like your more common spelling. LOL)
    I absolutely love having a unique name for a lot of the reasons you listed! Although, I do love my full name, Letitia, I go by Tish and feel super awkward if someone actually calls me Letitia- like it’s my other name that I recognize as familiar but wouldn’t expect to be called that. LOL
    But as for your conversation starter idea- I hate that! I mean, for me. Because often, when I introduce myself as Tish someone will say “That’s a cool name, is it short for something?” “Ya, Letitia.” “Ooh, that’s a pretty name!” (If I had a dime for every time I’ve heard that phrase, I’d… have some money. LOL) or, as I’ve gotten older, younger people will say something like “La-Teesha?! That’s so ghetto!” (No, it’s not pronounced like that, and that’s super racist/stereotyping!)
    Anyway, thanks for the article, Leticia!

  • Engelin Frei

    I also have an unusual name it’s Clementina, which I hated so much when I was a kid, (got picked on a lot because of it, dunno why) and my middle name is Isabel, which I believe is actually beautiful, but I refused to use it because, in Mexico, where I live that name gets butchered and I HATE it even more (nickname for Isabel is Chabela, WTF?). As I grew up I started actually liking my name, mostly because nobody I know has that name and I thought that was really cool. And the big plus was that the summer I backpacked through Europe, whenever I was asked my name, as soon as it came out of my mouth the person asking would have a great big smile and compliment it! :)

  • Rosa Hoffman

    My sister’s name is Letty and we always get excited when we hear her name in a movie. When she was little her nickname was Letty Spaghetti. Why? Because she loves spaghetti.

    • Lety Flores

      There’s a Letty character in “Howl’s Moving Castle.” I remember watching it in a theater & busting up laughing when that character came on because they kept repeating it every minute.

      If your sister hasn’t seen it, I definitely recommend it!

  • Hallie Moreland

    With the name Hallie I am constantly called “Haley” almost daily. This even happens when I introduce myself as Hallie. If I get called Haley by someone, I usually correct them one time and then just deal with it, although it gets frustrating. Especially when no one seems to have a problem pronouncing “Halle Berry.” I have to say though, I get super annoyed when I hear my name in movies and songs. I kind of want to keep it for myself. That whole not ever finding your name on a keychain or weird novelty item though? THAT’S annoying.

  • Leticia Cortinas

    That’s my name, too! Substitute teacher day at school was the worst day ever! I dreaded when they would have to do roll call! I love our name now!

    • Lety Flores

      omg those days were the worst! I remember being so nervous having to correct them.

  • Desiree Gaines Jacobs

    Hi Leticia- my name is Desiree. It is also unusual and used to really bum me out. I’ve sort of made peace with my name, but I don’t 100% love it, mainly because I don’t like the sound of the “AYYY” at the end, it sounds weird when I say it. I do love your talking points about unusual names AND I loooove when I hear my name on TV, granted, it’s rarely a character I actually like. I would pretty much be over the moon if I ever found my name on a toothbrush or keychain- that always made me sad as a kid. On this most unusual day, leap day, here’s a cheers to unusual names!

  • Thalia Cerilli

    I also have a very uncommun name (which is becoming more and more popular I noticed)
    Point 1-4-5-8 are pretty much what made me love my name!
    I did a lot fo research and found out that Thalia is one of the muse of comedy and also a Mexican signer. Which is pretty cool!

  • Victoria Cerilli

    I met a random girl at a club in Montreal named Leticia. Because my friend let her use her lighter, she got us past the line and into the club for free! Great name if you ask me.

    • Thalia Cerilli

      I live in Ontario too (I used to live in Quebec actually, for pretty much all my childhood and all my family is in Quebec). We live pretty close to the ONT/QC border.
      I also have a few relatives that live in Italy, more specificaly in Rome!
      That’s pretty neat, Mcgill is a great University and Montreal is probably one of the greatest city in Canada.

    • Victoria Cerilli

      Yes I live in Canada, but Ontario not Quebec. I had a friend going to McGill at the time but I love the city! Always weird coming across another Cerilli but I hear the name is a lot more common in Italy.

    • Thalia Cerilli

      This is so weird, considering the post we both commented, but we have the same last name!

      That’s wicked.

      Do you live in Canada?

  • Laryssa Marie Grguric

    This article is accurate

  • Geanna Marín

    Leticia is a common name in Spanish speaking countries. And in Italy! In Spain we have Princess Letizia -the woman who married Prince Felipe.
    Now, my name is totally uncommon outside Italy -and I’m not Italian, nor I’ve ever been in there, and that’s crazy.

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