Learn Some HTML, CSS and Javascript Through Coding for GOOD

For all of you out there that are unemployed and watching your life dwindle away on unsuccessful job hunts, stop complaining about being bored and start doing something about it.  Take a class and learn something! Boost that resume up with some skill steroids!  If you are employed and you hate your job but you don’t have time to learn a skill, you have the power to change things up.  If you are employed and you love your job like I do, you should be like Dora the Explorer and still learn new things.

I have been recently inspired by my new job at GOOD to take a class in CODING.  What?!??!  Sounds like science.  Totally over my head.  BUT, my co-worker Dwight who recently took Coding for GOOD classes, presented by Apollo Group, was like, “Girl, please.”  He knew NOTHING about HTML or Javascript and after taking a few classes on our site, he made a few cool websites using the online apps Instagram, SoundCloud, and Google Maps.  The sites aren’t published just yet, but let’s just say one of them can grab lots of pictures of puppies off of Instagram, which is extremely useful.

Meet Dwight below as he explains how he went from zero to hero in the world of HTML, CSSJavascript, and Canvas Animation using Coding for GOOD.  What’s cool about these classes is that it’s not too late to sign up, they’re FREE, AND…if you want to apply to our challenge to get a job at GOOD by January 2013, you can submit a project to us by the end of December.  And, every Thursday from 12pm-4pm, starting November 29th, you can live chat and get tips from our tech team on Campfire.  This is a great opportunity, if you’re looking for a coding job, to pre-interview! Don’t be intimidated by that December deadline, though. It can be overwhelming to learn new things, so start slow and see where it takes you.  After all, holidays are coming up and you might have a lot of downtime.  Just remember, learning an invaluable skill like coding can make you that much more golden in the eyes of those hiring.  So, become more hireable at cfg.good.is!