‘Law and Order: SVU’ Marathons That Need To Exist

My bios on the internet do not lie. I WOULD like to submit my resume for curator of Law & Order: SVU Marathons. While watching a marathon called “The Up All Night” Marathon that appeared to just be comprised of episodes where the gang was working into the night, I decided it was time to actually think about what SVU marathons I want to make.

Please consider this my application to turn my dream into a job.

  • Jerky Spoiled Brats Are the Perps
  • Hey! Maybe the Guest Star Did It!
  • Olivia Benson Has Perfect Hair Always
  • More Like UN-Stabler, Am I Right?
  • Actors From Lost [Seriously, so many people from Lost have appeared on SVU: Michael Emerson, Naveen Andrews, Henry Ian Cusick (he’s in two as the same character!), Elizabeth Mitchell (she’s in two as DIFFERENT characters), Maggie Grace, Ian Somerhalder, Malcolm David Kelley, William Mapother. And I’m sure there are others but these are what I remembered off the top of my head.]
  • Teens Are the Worst
  • Did You Know Olivia is a Product of Rape?
  • Don’t Talk to Stabler About Child Molesters, He Will Fly Off the Handle!
  • Let’s All Go Undercover
  • Benson & Stabler Play Lovers, World Swoons
  • “We’re Not From Vice.” [Can also be “We’re Not From Narcotics”]
  • Ugh, Those Pesky Drug Cartels
  • Sister Peg Gets the Crap Beat Out of Her Again [This was a suggestion from tumblr that I’m obsessed with]
  • Munch is a Conspiracy Theorist
  • Who Are These New ADA’s? We Hate Them!
  • Hey, Do You Remember Cragen is An Alcoholic?
  • Finn Knows About Stuff No One Else Does [I love that episode, “Down Low” when Finn teaches them about being on the “down low”]
  • Someone Falls From a Building…Again
  • Wait, This Story Sort of Sounds Like it Was Ripped From the Headlines!
  • A Rapist Attacks Via a Fire Escape
  • You Look REALLY Familiar [All the episodes where people have been in multiple episodes as different characters: Hayden Panettiere, Kyle MacLachlan, Diane Neal, Sarah Hyland…I know there are more…]
  • Someone Can’t Handle Working SVU Cases Anymore
  • Surprise! Stabler Got Shot Again! [Remember when he’s literally THROWN FROM A BUILDING but survives?]
  • LOL, These Guys are Using Internet Slang!
  • “Wildlife” [This is where they just play the episode “Wildlife” on repeat for the length of a marathon]

(Adapted from a post on my tumblr)

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