Gumdrop LaneHow to with Laura: How to Take Care of ChildrenLaura Kadner

How to with Laura is back and tackling the big issues: HUMANS AND LIFE! I’ve never been the biggest fan of children. I don’t know how to talk to them or what to do with them. I don’t spend much time with them. I much prefer baby animals to baby people. I decided to fix that problem, because one day maybe I wanna be a Miss Hannigan to a group of unhappy orphans. I don’t know. But my high school never did that egg project thing – you know, where you pretend an egg’s your baby? And I thought to myself, gee, a real baby isn’t like an egg at all. You know what is though? A watermelon. A small, personal watermelon. That’s the perfect way to learn about childcare!

Without consulting any experts, I decided to use my mind grapes to put myself in a few situations involving childcare and then relate my teachings to you. Watch, learn, and if you only take away one thing from this video – it’s don’t spike your baby like a football. Especially when a hungry dog is around.


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