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Laura Marling: Just Two Decades and 365 days

I am not at all ashamed to admit that I have spent a considerable amount of time in Laura Marling-land this week. One thing led to another and another, which led to a Google search and off I went. For starters, I was shocked to find out that this soulful, timeless voice belonged to someone so young – a 21-year-old, in fact. I dove further in. I was then shocked to find that she has two albums out already with a third on the way. And the videos! Don’t even get me started on the videos! They are beautifully shot, creatively conceived, compelling and a perfect match to the songs.

This girl is doing it. Right now she is out there knocking everyone’s socks off her way and she’s making no apologies. In an interview with The Guardian  she said, “It took a lot of time and practice for me to realise that there’s no point trying to be something you’re not.” Obviously, it was worth it.

It’s all made me wonder though, how many Laura Marlings have we missed out on because they listened when people said, “no” and “you’re too young”? Maybe you should stop listening and follow your heart. Just sayin’.

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  • Sarah Leunens

    I love love Laura! Could listen to here all the time..! I’ve discovered her through Johnny Flynn (check him out!!) who was the support act for Mumford and Sons. Can’t wait to see her live one day!

  • Becca Robson

    Seeing her on Oct 26th, can’t wait! :) Love Laura.

  • Jane Provinsal

    Laura’s been one of my favorite singers for a few years and I can’t wait for her 3rd album!! She’s amazingly gifted and lovely. It is really great to see her mentioned on her.

    And definitely check Johnny Flynn out. He’s beyond amazing. I’ve seen him live 4 times, twice with his band, the Sussex Wit, and they’re incredible together. He & Laura have worked together on some songs and those are just amazing (how many times can I say that?) 😀

  • Charlotte Amelia

    Laura and Ellie Goulding are my favourite at the moment :) Yes Johnny Flynn is incredible too, makes me proud to be British :)

  • Rachael Berkey

    I started listening to Laura more than 2 years ago and saw her in NYC and DC on her last US tour. She’s incredible. Despite her youth, she has such poise and presence, and so obviously loves what she’s doing on that stage.

    I cannot wait for her next album to drop.

  • McKenzie Lockhart

    This makes me feel hopeful for the music world. Love it.

  • Ashley Xue Grimm

    OMG. I love Laura Marling!!!

  • Lauren Vaughan

    I can thank for showing me Laura Marling! She’s wonderful! Her lyrics can be very poetic, and she has a soulful, soothing voice. Love that she’s getting recognition!

  • Gabby Ambrosio

    I also love that Laura is getting the recognition she deserves! At the risk of sounding crazy, she is my literal hero. Unafraid of putting her voice and words out there, she makes the challenges and obstacles of early adulthood sound poetic and graceful. Her music has gotten me through the hardest times I’ve had to face so far. My account will boast an embarrassing number of plays, and it is my dream to see her live. Her next album will certainly be the only thing I play for a long time. Love love love this!

  • Kari Johnson

    thank you for the recommendation! I just looked up her music and I think I’m in love!

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