Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Did you already dress up for Halloween this weekend, or are you waiting to dress up for actual Halloween this Wednesday? Or, are you thinking you might dress up this Wednesday but you have no idea what to be? I hear ya, that’s why I made this video with sketches of some last minute DIY Halloween costumes. Most of these costumes you can create with little to no craft supplies and with clothes you most likely have in your closet!

A Twister Game

  • Wear all white
  • Cut out felt circles in red, green, blue and yellow
  • Pin the circles onto your white outfit, wherever you want (watch that red one!) and carry around the Twister wheel!

A Penny:

  • Cut our a round circle from a piece of cardboard and create a space in it to rest on your shoulder.
  • Draw the words, numbers, etc. that are on a penny coin in copper but leave the space for the Lincoln profile.
  • Glue or draw on a fake Lincoln beard and be the head on the penny!

Clean Coal:

  • Wear a maid’s outfit and smudge your face and apron with black eyeshadow aka coal soot.
  • Carry around a feather duster and a bucket that says “Coal” and you’re clean coal!

A YouTube Video:

  • Cut out a rectangle piece of  cardboard with a space where the video player would be.
  • Draw the YouTube logo and video info – maybe title it “Last Minute Halloween Costume” or whatever you want.
  • Wear the piece of cardboard with your head poking through the space for the video player and you’re staring in your own live-action YouTube video!

Easy Movie Characters from Your Closet:

  • Sandy from Grease: black skinny jeans, a tight black shirt, teased hair and red lipstick.
  • Tom Cruise from Risky Business: men’s collared shirt, men’s underwear, white socks, black Ray Ban sunglasses.

Where’s Waldo:

  • Red and white striped sweater and beanie – make your own with a white turtle neck and red fabric paint.
  • Blue pants.
  • Black framed glasses.

For more Halloween decor and costume, make-up inspiration, go here!

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