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Meet Petunia, our new foster mama and her six adorable and talented kittens! She was rescued by the Langley Animal Protection Society, an exceptional no-kill animal shelter in British Columbia, and we are fostering them for the next 8 – 10 weeks. Once they are big enough, all seven will be spayed and neutered, then return to LAPS to find their forever homes.

Babies are: Caper (orange boy), Buttercup (cream boy), Marigold (orange boy), Poppy (white/calico girl), Sweet Pea (black boy), Aster (tabby boy).

  • Maura McCoy

    How is petunia now. Has she found a new home yet. I have seen 2 new kittens today. whats the situation with them.

  • Anne Chuang

    They are already big enough and leaving?! Oh my God I’m gonna miss them so much…they are so adorable even the mother one, my mom and I watch them everyday and talk a lot about them!!!
    Can’t think about days without them :(

  • Missy Kellie Fisher

    im going to miss them :( my son and I watch them everyday

  • Charlotte Mitchell

    Adorable. I love them all. And they are growing far too quickly!

  • Allison Rinkel

    Well, this is pretty much making my workday useless :) Cute kittens are the worst distraction for me!! I love them, I want to take them all home!!

  • Vicky MacKenzie

    I could watch this for hours (and probably will).

  • Ariel Fox

    I’ve never seen something so adorable.

  • Adrianne Haskins

    Daaaahhh! Cuteness unleashed

    • Missy Kellie Fisher

      I love these kittens and mama kitty so much! My son and I watch them everyday and the lady that takes care of them is super special and so sweet!

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